New poll shows strong ‘yes’ support for referendum

Dec 16, 2017 | 10 comments

Ecuador’s Cedatos / Gallup public opinion poll shows Ecuadorians strongly support President Lenin Moreno’s call for a public referendum and that a large majority will vote “yes” on all seven questions.

Almost 67% of voters support the question that would bar former president Rafael Correa from returning to office.

In a poll taken from December 6 to December 12, 74.3% of respondents said that the referendum is a good idea and that, on average, a vast majority of them will vote yes on the questions. “President Moreno has exceptionally strong support in this case and it appears all seven questions will get affirmative answers, supporting the president’s positions,” said Cedatos president Polibio Cordova.

The referendum question receiving the highest support was one strengthening punishment for those who commit sexual crimes against children, at 80.6%.

The three most controversial questions on the ballot, one that would eliminate indefinite reelection of public officials, including the president, another to limit the authority of the Council of Citizen Participation, and a third that would reduce capital gains taxes on real estate, were supported by 66.8%, 65.8%, and 65% of respondents respectively.

The elimination of indefinite reelection would bar former president Rafael Correa from running again for the presidency.

The question that would permanently bar government officials convicted of corruption from holding public received 77% support.

According to Cordova, the poll was a sample of 1,880 voters in 12 Ecuadorian cities in nine provinces.

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