New season of ‘Doctv’, Pet registration, Landslide-blocked river released, Beauty of Latina women

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Domingo, 1/10/2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Encuentro – The 4th Encuentro Precom3 OS Patrimonio will be Monday y el martes from 8:00 in the Architecture Department Building at the U. of Cuenca. Panelists from Belgium, México and the EEUU (Estados Unidos – United States – your abbreviation for the day.) have been invited.

Fotografías – The Unidad Educativa Borja is showing a photo exhibit on the gates along Simón Bolívar, Luis Cordero, y Benigno Malo about the school and its history.

Taller de acrobacia – An acrobatics workshop will start Monday a las 17:00 in the El Prohibido Centro Cultural. You can learn basic gymnastics, jumps and combinations of working in twos, threes, and fours. <And if you’re my age and can make those moves, you’ll recognize me because I’ll be as green as the wicked witch of the west.> Cost: $50.00. <The chiropractor’s bill is going to be more than that.>

Articles about –

Movie – “Tal vez mañana” (Maybe tomorrow) <I think I finally understand. When you ask someone “When?” and they tell you “Mañana,” the unspoken part of that answer is the preceeding “Tal vez” (maybe), since we’ve all learned by now that mañana does not necessarily mean tomorrow.> This Ecuadorian film by Dwight Gegorich, a Cuban who has lived in Ecuador for 20 years, is about an ex-convict’s experiences after his release from prison where he found God.

Casting call – “Verano no Miente” (Summer doesn’t lie) is being filmed and the director is looking for extras. El próximo jueves, they will be filming at “Lolas” (used to be “Laos”) near the Millenium Plaza to record a concert that is part of the story. It’s open to the public starting at 16:00 to see how filming works and to be an extra in the scene to be shot from 19-23:00. Register to attend at the Facebook page for the movie’s fan club. <I wonder if they’ll need old, sleepy gringos?>

Hernán Loyola – This agronomist with an interest in Cañari culture recently died. He collaborated with the Museo Pumapungo and the U. of Cuenca to publish “Geografía Sagrada: arqueoastronomía de Pumapungo-Guapondelig” (Sacred Geography: archaeoastronomy of Pumapungo-Guapondelig) in 2016 and established and directed the agricultural and naturally planted zones in the Parque Pumapungo.

Teatro – “Apodo 17” (Nickname 17), a parody of Apollo 17 will be staged by the Unidad Educativa Asunción el próximo sábado in the Festival Internacional de Teatro Juvenil in Argentina.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Día de fiesta y reencuentros (Holiday and reunions) – The University of Cuenca celebrated its 150th anniversary with a parade.

Economy – The country’s economy grew 3.3% in the second trimester of this year.

Pet registration – Pet owners can register their dogs and cats <and I suppose cuy if you have one for a pet instead of dinner> with the Sistema de Registro Cantonal de Animales Domésticos de Compañía. Go to and then to “Registro Municipal de Mascotas.”

Actualidades – Articles about –

An essay – About the beauty of Latin American women, Cashaloma in Cañar canton and province, and slavery.

The 7 wonders of the ancient world.

Cruz del Vado – During the Colonial era, this neighborhood was the main entrance into Cuenca from the south. At that time, before a bridge, there was a ford across the Tomebamba. The neighborhood maintains its roots to today.

Intercultural page – A history of the Gymnasium from the Greeks to current times.

Health page – Antioxidants in sports.

Amenidades –

Doctv Ecuador – This popular TV series features natural locations in all 24 provinces of Ecuador. It shows landscapes, culture, food, rivers, lakes, beaches, folk lore, cities, peoples and tours. The new season started Sunday a las 19:00 en Unsion Tv and a las 21:30 Austral Televisión, and mañana a las 20:00 in Telecuenca, Channel 2. New shows this season will include the 25 most incredible places in Azuay, Luis Cordero – 100 years as a parish, the 10 best Pacific beaches, and more.

Articles from el sábado –

By-pass – The landslide that blocked the río Charcay was by-passed and 35,000 cubic meters of water was released. The water had reached 3 m. deep behind the slide.

Road closures – Traffic through El Tahual will be restricted for 3 weeks. The restriction will be from 9-17:00 from este lunes to el martes, 24/10. An alternate route for light cars is Pastopamba-La Virgen. For all vehicles alternate routes are El Descanso-San Cristóbal-Malima, Guangarcucho-Jadán-Gualaceo, and El Valle-Santa Ana-Dizha-La Unión. The restrictions will not apply on weekends to allow tourism.

Deportes –

Ad for the Ruta Nocturna 10K – sábado, 28/10 at 19:00 – Parque El Paraíso – Register until 21/10 (or spaces run out) at Mi Boletería in the Mall del Río and Fybeca on Bolívar. Websites: and

Descuentos y compras –

Houses – in the Proyecto Habitacional Campiña de Sidcay – sign up starting el Lunes, 02/10 from 10:00 in the offices of the Cooperativa (Bolívar 4-50 between Vargas Machuca y Mariano Cueva) – 120 m. sq., $70,000, 20 year financing at 4.87% with 5% down.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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