Niña de Saraguro

Dec 20, 2018

There’s much to be said for reverence and pausing to recognize another person and their condition. For me, the words “caring” and “respect” rise quickly to top of mind when I see these behaviors demonstrated. When a child expresses strong personal feelings about the things they encounter in their world, I’m always deeply moved by the genuineness and innocence of their gestures.

In the case at hand, cultural dancing by young adults using a doll as a prop mimed a sick baby accompanied by parents who grieve for lack of a way to heal the child. In my photograph, the little girl looks on somberly, sharing in the parents grief concerning her suggested sibling. Her small hands clasped perfectly in the offering of a prayer adequately distill her inner-most feelings. How fortunate I am to see her unique moment, her focus, her sharing of emotion.

I present you with my photograph, “Nina de Saraguro.” She is a very special young girl, you can see it in her face. I consider my image a celebration of her character, culture and personal beauty. All people should have the right to personally express themselves. To do so with the grace seen here is a gift originating in the soul.

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