Noboa drops casino question from referendum

Jan 18, 2024 | 0 comments

President Daniel Noboa announced Wednesday he is eliminating the question that would reestablish casinos in Ecuador from his proposed national referendum. “Given the events of recent weeks, I realize now is not the time to make this proposal,” he said, adding he would keep the focus on security and economic opportunity.

President Daniel Noboa

Noboa said he had informed Constitutional Court Judge Teresa Nuques to drop the casino question from the ballot. Nuques heads the court’s review of the questions.

In comments made in Miami where his wife gave birth Tuesday to a son, Noboa said he is concentrating on the “current national context. I will not insist on the casino question because I don’t consider a citizen debate on the issue opportune at this time.”

The casino question was widely criticized two weeks ago when it was proposed, including by members of Noboa’s party. Critics contended that gambling houses would attract a criminal element at a time the country is fighting criminals.


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