Noise ordinance public information campaign being developed

Mar 3, 2017 | 27 comments

Members of Cuenca’s city council are working with university, church and government officials to develop a public information campaign about the city’s new Environmental Noise Control Ordinance. They are also determining a fine schedule for violators and details of how the law will be enforced.

Business owners protesting noise pollution in El Centro.

When the noise ordinance was approved in December, council members decided that it would include a 90-day public information campaign before enforcement began. “Our first job is to make the public aware of the changes and that they can be fined for activities that are currently allowed,” says councilman Carlos Orellana. “Our culture has traditionally tolerated excessive noise and this law puts restrictions on that.”

The ordinance outlaws such common practices as gas truck horn-honking, early morning explosions set off by churches to attract parishioners to mass, and the use of loudspeakers at the front of stores to attract customers. It will also stiffen penalties for nightclubs that disturb neighbors, loud parties, unnecessary horn-honking by car and bus drivers, false car and residential alarms, and use of electronic speakers from moving vehicles.

Orellana said enforcement would begin at a date to determined following the conclusion of the information campaign.

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