Nos vemos luego mis amigos

Jan 9, 2022 | 13 comments

Thank you, all.

It has been a grand ride for me these last nearly five years, writing a weekly love letter to Cuenca, and the people who live here – an honor, really.

I posted over 200 stories; some have been simple tales of wonder and beauty, others were stoked with concern about where we are going, and the dismal result of the importation of hatred and animosity championed by a few. However, in every case, we shared visions of a land and her people that are extraordinary.

Fortunately, I have been offered a position as a photo-journalist for an organization that will allow me a higher plateau to observe and serve all of Ecuador in new and exciting ways; I am thrilled, and will occasionally share some of my experiences with you as time and circumstances allow. However, I will always keep you in my heart and will dream of our time together often.

When I arrived in Cuenca I felt I entered an enchanted fairytale. It proved to be true.

Thanks a bundle. I’ll see ya’ ’round the bend.