Not rain, wind or cold can stop the Carnaval; Police check prison security; Residents demand Rio Tarqui flood control; Unmasked passenger kicked off flight

Mar 1, 2022 | 6 comments

Lunes, 28/2/2022

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Carnaval dinamiza al Azuay (Carnival energizes Azuay) – Even in the rain and cold wind, people celebrated carnaval in Cuenca’s neighboring cantons of Gualaceo, Choreleg, Sígsig and Paute. Kids jugaron carnaval (played carnaval) with Cariocas in the streets and along the river banks. Families gathered in the mercados for comida tipica and in the plazas for music, dance and song despite the rain. <Unfortunately, I’m too old and grumpy to enjoy getting either soaked or foamed. I enjoy watching the young folks (anyone under 55) play, though.>

Cuenca –

En Guzho prima la unión y organización (In Guzho, union and organization come first) – Residents of the Carmen del Guzho barrio which straddles the autopista in the south of Cuenca, are still trying to recover from the flooding of the río Tarqui last May. Houses, tiendas, fields and animals were swept downstream. Landowners along the river are asking that setbacks from the river be reduced from the 30 meter requirement set in 1992 to 10 meters since some of the lots are less than 30 m. deep, leaving the owners with nothing usable. The habitants are also asking that the river be dredged and the banks lined with rocks (riprap).

Sucesos –

Rain, wind and occasional fog didn’t dampen the spirits of Carnaval performers and celebrants.

Refuerzan seguridad en cárceles (Security reinforced in prisons) – Police conducted a simulation at the Centro de Privación de Libertad (CPL) in Turi, and a search in the CPL Loja No. 1. The simulation was of a amotinamiento (riot – your word for the day) as a way to reinforce preventive measures and safety in the event of an adverse event. <I guess a prison riot could be called an adverse event. 37 prisoners were killed in an adverse event.> At the end of the exercise, it was evaluated and suggestions taken to improve response and evacuation times. In Loja, police seized cellphones, electronic devices, blunt objects, sharp objects, and illegal drugs. <Things you’d find in many people’s kitchens. Remember that baking soda was an illegal substance. Oldtimers will remember when you couldn’t get it at the SuperMaxi.>

Unmasked passenger removed from Galapagos flight – An Avianca flight bound for the Galapagos Islands was delayed for more than an hour Monday when a passenger refused to comply with airline’s face mask requirement. The passenger was removed from the aircraft following what Avianca officials described as an “onboard disagreement.” The airline did not release information about the passenger. In a statement, Avianca said that the passenger “breached the airline’s biosecurity protocols and the provisions of Ecuador’s Emergency Operations Committee on the use of masks in enclosed areas.” It added that masking is also the international airline standard, required by governments and enforced by air carriers.

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