NYC animal protection group assists city, Low cost cancer exams, Changing weather, Ag and crafts fair

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Martes, 22/8/2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Tuesday’s agenda events –

Filme – “Logan,” a movie about superheroes set in 2024 showed Tues. in the Centro Cultural La Guarida (La Mar y Luis Pauta). Cost: $0.50.

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Museo Remigio Crespo Toral – The museum will host children from the Cuenca Special Olympics Wednesday at las 10:30.

Exposición fotografía – “Biodiversidad de la zona sur del Parque Nacional Sangay” is showing at the Mall del Río. The project is by the Associative Microbusiness Environmental Promoters who added photography to their daily lives.

Articles about –

Luis Torres – The Ecuadorian composer and director has finished his first symphony, “Sinfonía Número Uno con Temas Nacionales en do menor.” <I would not be doing you a service by trying to translate the rest of the article which is a description of the 3 movements in 12 paragraphs.>

Teatro – The Causaklapas collective will present “El Amante,” based on The Lover by Harold Pinter. The performances will be el viernes y sábado a las 17:30 in El Prohibido Centro Cultural (La Condamine pedestrian way) and on jueves, 31/8 at 17:30 in Lirón Lirón (Gran Colombia entre Padre Aguirre y Benigno Malo). Cost: $5.00 and $3.00 for students. <Would taking Spanish classes qualify me as a student?>

Proposals – The CCE is taking proposals for a person or team to run the café-book store and reception for the institution. Calls for proposals started on 4/8 and will run until 11/9. So far there are 8 entities interested. The officers of CCE of Azuay want to make the Liberería “Pedro Páramo” the main entrance to the institution. <Sounds like good marketing – send visitors in through the “gift shop” and restaurant.>

Book launch – Fausto Romero presented “Los Rieles del Tamarindo” (The Rails of Tamarindo) in Sibambe, cantón Alausí, provincia de Chimborazo. The novel revolves around the Ferrocarriles del Ecuador (Ecuador Railroads) while the system was functioning, and brings in history including Eloy Alfaro, and the Liberal Revolution.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Glas sería vinculado por ‘asociación ilícita’ (Glas would be tied in to illicit/unlawful association) – See Tuesday’s CHL article for more info.

Agriculture in Azuay – There are 612,099 hectares of arable land in Azuay, divided into 99,633 parcels cultivated by an individual or a family. The farming that is in the hands of small producers is where the Prefectura wants to direct the Gran Minga Nacional Agropecuaria (Great National Agriculture Minga) that Pres. Moreno recently announced. In Azuay, 60% of the people working in agriculture are over 60 and 23% of the economically active population is in agriculture and animal raising. <This is for you statistics junkies.> There are 297,317 head of country cattle, 38,587 head of unregistered mixed breeds, 1,005 registered mixed breeds, 1,921 pure bred beef cattle, 2,337 pure dairy cows, and 631 pure bred beef and milk cows. Primary feeds for cows are pastures, silage, hay, banana <Welcome to Ecuador where bananas are so plentiful they get fed to livestock.>, and balanceado (balanced diet – cow chow). There are also numbers for poultry.

Exports – Ecuador is the beneficiary of zero duties on all its exports to Nicaragua which is effective immediately on 96 items. 12 of these are agricultural and 84 industrial. Principal products for these preferences are “línea blanca” (white goods – major appliances), tuna, wood furniture, bulk grease and oils, gum, candy, brake linings, paper boxes and cartons, and steel products. <Where does Ecuador get the wood to make boxes? Recycled paper?>

Agricultural and Crafts Fair – There will be a fair on domingo, 27/8 starting at 9:00 in the estadio in Tarqui. The main purpose of the fair is for the rural communities in Azuay to exchange seeds. <Which would probably be punished severely if Monsanto gets its way around the world.> There will also be a Festival de Bandas de Pueblo, a Festival de Danzas Folklóricas, popular music show and a dance.

Climate change – This year’s dry season was different. It rained almost 3 times as much as average in julio (46.9 mm vs 120 mm) with lower than normal temperatures, and it hailed in the middle of the city Saturday. Historically, seasons have been well defined with a rainy season from octubre to mayo, and a dry season from junio to septiembre. Before, farmers knew when it would rain and when to plant, but now they have to confront this year’s prolonged winter.

The Ministry of the Environment through the Subsecretary of “Cambio Climático” (Climate Change) has a pilot program in the Jubones valley where 5,000 families are getting training in adapting to climate change with an emphasis on food security. <So this tiny little Third World country is preparing while its larger neighbor to the north is still in denial.> Between 1960 and 2006, there was temperature increase of .8 C. in Ecuador. So far in agosto, the lowest temperature was 3.8 C. and the highest, 23.6.

Low cost exams – The Red Cross (Borrero 6-57 y Pres. Córdova) is holding a campaign for early detection of diseases such as uterine and prostate cancer. There will be 2 phases. The first will be from hoy to el próimo lunes and will provide general consultations, ultrasound (vesicle, liver, kidney, prostate, uterus and ovary), and exams for osteopenia, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis. Cost: $10.00. Phase 2, with priority to women, will be from lunes 28/8 to domingo, 3/9. Consults with a gynecologist will be $25:00.

Animal protection – The Mayor’s office is getting advice from the foreign non-profit, Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals. There are some 200,000 animals running around public spaces and especially around mercados and stores. The city is conducting sterilization campaigns periodically, and especially in the rural parishes.

Rock Bibilak Fest – This alternative and independent rock and metal festival will be el sábado, 26/8 and last 14-24 hours. It will be in the Los Chirijos sports complex on the banks of the Burgay River and the autopista Azogues-Biblián. The promoters are expecting 8,000. <Where is everybody going to park?>

Internacional –

Colombia – “Timochenko,” leader of Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) is returning to Colombia to participate in the founding congress of the political party Fuerza Alternativa Revolucionaria de Colombia (FARC).

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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