Offices of Quito subway project raided as part of Odebrecht investigation

Jun 15, 2017 | 0 comments

Police and federal prosecutors raided the offices of Quito’s Metro train project Wednesday afternoon as part of the widening Odebrecht corruption scandal. Odebrecht, the giant Brazilian construction company, was awarded several contracts in the early stages of the mass transit project.

Police in Quito Metro office. (El Comercio)

Lead prosecutor Thania Moreno, who led the raid, offered little information about the operation except to say that it focused on the “possibility of corruption and illegal use of state funds.” She said that the investigation opened in January.

During the raid, police took files and computers from three Metro project offices, including that of project manager Mauricio Anderson.

Anderson and Quito Mayor Mauricio Rodas said they would cooperate with investigators but said work on the $1.4 billion dollar subway project would continue.

One issue Moreno may be investigating are trips taken by Rodas to Brazil in 2014 to meet with Odebrecht officials. Members of the National Assembly had said the trips were unjustified and could be connected to corruption.


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