Opposition candidates make new demands for investigation of VP Glas

Feb 7, 2017 | 0 comments

Two members of Ecuador’s National Assembly have filed a complaint with the federal prosecutor’s office to open a corruption investigation against Vice President Jorge Glas. Glas is also the vice presidential candidate with Lenin Moreno on the Alianza País ticket that is up for election in less than two weeks.

Vice President Jorge Glas

César Montúfar and Lenín Hurtado say that evidence against Glas is “overwhelming” that he participated in corruption at state-owned oil company Petroecuador. Montúfar, who is running for an assembly seat in the February 19 election, said it is a “gross injustice” for the public to go to the polls without knowing if the vice presidential candidate should be arrested for taking bribes.

As vice president, Glas is responsible for oversight of Petroecuador.

Montúfar made the request days after former energy minister Carlos Pareja said that Glas knew about corruption at Petroecuador. Pareja fled Ecuador in September for Spain and then the U.S. and is under indictment in the case.

Also on Monday, national assemblyman Diego Salgado demanded that assembly president Gabriela Rivadeneira open an inquiry into Glas’ role in the corruption scandal. “Glas should appear before the full assembly to explain his actions in the case,” he said. Salgado is a member of the opposition CREO party, also the party of top presidential challenger Guillermo Lasso.

President Rafael Correa calls the charges against Glas bogus and an effort to hurt the election chances of the Alianza País presidential ticket.

Political analysts say the corruption charges are, in fact, hurting País’ election prospects, with some experts now predicting that Lasso will win the presidency in an April 2 runoff.

Presidential candidate Moreno has not been implicated in the corruption scandal.


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