Opposition parties say they have the votes for an impeachment trial of Glas

Jun 26, 2017 | 0 comments

The Creo-SUMA legislative block says it has collected more than the 46 votes necessary to bring impeachment charges against Vice President Jorge Glas in the National Assembly.

Vice President Jorge Glas

Assemblyman Roberto Gómez, Creo-SUMA legislative leader, says he is continuing discussions with other members of the Assembly and hopes to collect a total of 60 to 63 signatures. In addition to the support of the 32-member Creo-SUMA delegation, Gómez says 17 members of the Social Democrat party support a legislative trial for Glas.

Although no legal charges have been brought against Glas, the Creo-SUMA leadership says that “overwhelming evidence” suggest the vice president was complicit in “actions against the state.” As part of his duties during the Rafael Correa administration, Glas was charged with oversight of Ecuador’s energy sector where several administrators have been found guilty of corruption.

In addition, Gómez says that evidence of Glas’ ties to his uncle, Ricardo Rivera, need to be investigated. Rivera was arrested for allegedly taking $13 million in bribes from Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.

According to Assembly rules, signatures for an impeachment trial must be submitted to the Assembly’s Administrative Board for verification. The signatures and impeachment charges must then be sent to Ecuador’s Constitutional Court for final approval.

It is unlikely that an impeachment trial against Glas would result in a conviction since his Alianza País party holds 73 of the 137 seats in the National Assembly.


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