Local opposition to new prisons grows; Real estate taxes due; Car sales decline, motorcycle sales grow

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Lunes, 5/2/2024

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –

GAD de Jadán anuncia agenda por Carnaval (GAD of Jadán announces Carnival agenda) – The parish government of Jadán is inviting the public to its Carnaval activities on el domingo, 11/2 in the parish center. The events start with the Comparsas Parade a las 12:30 followed a las 14:00 with the election of the Queen, the Taita and the Chivo de Carnaval (Carnaval Goat). At 16:00 there will be a show with “La Rumba” orquestra. The communities will prepare typical foods such as cuy and mote pata.

Titular –

Sales of new cars and trucks declined nationally in 2023 but rose in Azuay Province and Cuenca. (El Mercurio)

Oposición a cárceles en dos provincias (Opposition to prisons in two provinces) – Although there still isn’t certainty, there is opposition to Pres. Noboa’s proposed 2 new prisons to be located in Pastaza Province and the city of Santa Elena. There is worry in both areas due to Governmental silence about exactly where these will be built. The Cámara of Tourism of Baños activated an alert that there is an analysis for building in Shell, a parish of Meza Parish in Pastaza which is 40 km. from Baños. The Confederación de Nacionales Indígenas de la Amazonía Ecuatoriana is another voice in opposition and it has asked its members to be on permanent watch over the zone where the 736 inmate capacity prison will be built. The assemblymen representing Pastaza have asked the Government and cities of both provinces for clearer information such as the costs, construction and environmental permits, and emergency plans.

Cuenca –

Si tiene RUC debe pagar patente (If you have a RUC you must pay patente) – All natural persons and legal entities who engage in economic, industrial, real estate <Hello, all of you who rent out rooms or apartments illegally. Isn’t not paying taxes what the feds finally convicted Al Capone for?>, professional and service activities need to pay the patente to the City. The amount of the tax can range from $10 to $25,000 depending on the amount of the declared patrimony (or equity) for those not required to keep accounting records, or the amount declared to the SRI for Income Tax for those required to keep records. To register and pay, go to the Unidad de Rentas y Tributación and the multiservice window at the Municipality, and show your cédula or RUC.

Venta de vehículos nuevos con leve caída en 2023 (New vehicle sales dropped slightly in 2023) – According to the Asociación de Empresa Automotrices del Ecuador (Aeade), sales of new vehicles in the country fell 2% in 2023 with 132,402 cars sold compared to 135,250 sold in 2022. Sales fell the most in Esmeraldas with 50%, Napo with 45%, Santo Domingo – 36%, Carchi 27%, and El Oro 21%. Sales increased in Zamora Chinchipe with 19%, Galápagos – 9%, Azuay – 3.4%, y Pichincha – 2%. Sales figures were based on vehicle registrations and not specifically sales. Many of the cars sold in El Oro which showed a 50% drop, were registered in Azuay. Buyers prefer to register their cars in Azuay due to the depreciation in the cost of a car registered in El Oro, at the time of sale. Genaro Baldeón, president of Aeade, said that decreasing sales reflect a lower expectation by households and businesses for the economic situation, and that the drop in sales will continue in 2024.

Crece la demanda de motocicletas (Demand for motorcycles grows) – The demand for motorcycles in Ecuador persists with 13,997 sold in diciembre. This sector grew by 5.4% in 2023. The makes most in demand are Shineray with 35,228 units sold, Daytona with 17,658, IGM with 16, 982, and Bajaj with 11,454.

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