Pachakutic stumps for a ‘no’ vote; Traffic restrictions apply to federal highways; Health chief asks ‘what the hell is going on’?; Informals occupy sidewalks

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Jueves, 1/4/2021

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Titular – El ministro recrimina; en Cuenca muera 2 al día (The minister recriminates; 2 die a day in Cuenca) – Restrictions in Cuenca will not include vehicular circulation based on license plate numbers, but will include the dry law. Consumption of alcoholic beverages in public places after 18:00 and alcohol sales in tiendas and liquor stores after 20:00 will be prohibited. <I know that will be hard on some of you, but if you plan your liquor shopping ahead, it’s only for one weekend.> The limits on capacities will be strengthened and any public event will be prohibited until 15/4. Also controls in shopping centers and on the roads will be expanded. Prohibition on movement after 23:00 will remain in effect. Circulation based on the last number of your license plate on the Autopista Cuenca-Azogues, which is a federal highway, will be enforced. There will be 3 control points.

According to Ministerio de Salud Pública, there are 33 new cases confirmed by PCR tests in Cuenca and 2 deaths each day. Julio Molina, coordinador Zonal de Salud, said that hospital occupancy has increased in the last weeks which is related to the population relaxing their observations of biosecurity measures. He is worried about a possible jump in cases after the Semana Santa holidays. Public hospital directors mentioned that their ICU beds are at 100% and that patients are needing more hospitalization time which makes availability to new patients more difficult. One doctor said because of the new variations of the virus and little capacity in the hospital system to treat critical patients, distancing, masks and hand washing are not enough. People should stay at home except for essential errands.

Easter holiday driving restrictions will apply to federal highways but not city streets. (El Mercurio)

El CNE cumple hoy su simalcro electoral (CNE completes the electoral simulation today) – The electoral delegation in Azuay completed a test of the technical and technological systems for the run-off elections el 11/4 in the Colegio Manuela Garaicoa de Calderón which is one of the largest polling places in Azuay. The CNE is preparing for the arrival of election materials and has been meeting with the Armed Forces and National Police who are in charge of security. It has also been meeting with representatives from cities and parish juntas to coordinate delivery of the kits.

Pachakutic insiste en el voto nulo (Pachakutic insists on the null vote) – Bruno Segovia, leader of Pachakutik, said that the party at the provincial level would maintain its support of the null vote in the runoff elections. <Sounds like a write-in vote isn’t an option on the ballot or they’d be pushing that.> Supporters of Pachakutik have been in the redondeles to promote the null vote.

Vecinos exigen salida de ventas informales (Neighbors demand the exit of informal sales) – Residents and business owners in the Feria Libre sector are warning that informal vendors are taking over av. de Las Américas between Amazonas and Remigio Crespo. An attorney who lives in the area explained some of these venders were moved out of the space known as “callejón de la muerte” (death alley) in the Feria Libre at El Arenal. The venders have grouped together to create an association and are currently occupying the sidewalk at the access to the underground tunnel. Other neighbors say that they and their customers can’t get into their own houses and shops. Along with the disorder, comes insecurity, drug sales, litter and sex workers. Other neighbors recognized that the sellers have a right to earn a living, but there should be a better solution than on the public sidewalks.

Buses trabajarán el viernes (Buses will work on Friday) – Urban buses will run on el viernes from 6:30 to 19:00 except for line 100 which will run until 20:00.

No tienen control total en cárceles (They do not have full control in prisons) – Gabriel Martínez, minister of the Government, recognized that security agencies do not have full control of the prisons and that there is much to correct. He said that 42% of the inmates are in the process and have not been sentenced leading to overcrowding which has reached 30%. Since the massacre el 23/2, the system is trying to separate gang members so they will not be in the same prison. It is also trying to get technology which will prevent the entry of prohibited objects and improve their technological system such as surveillance cameras and scanners to control access points. <Although I wouldn’t think you’d need fancy technology to catch someone smuggling in a chain saw.>

La restricción vehicular rige en 11 vías estatales (The vehicle restriction governs 11 state roads) – Vehicular restrictions on 11 federal highways in Azuay, Cañar, and Morona Santiago started today at noon. They will apply to private cars and inter and intra provincial public transport. Odd numbered plates are restricted today and Sat, and even number plates on Fri. and Sun. The measure applies to E59, E582, E35, E594, E40, E58, E547, E45, and E46.

Plan de vacunación, aún en incertidumbre (Vaccination plan, still in uncertainty) – A tape leaked from the ministro de Salud showed the uncertainty about the vaccination plan. Mauro Falconí, Health MInister, said there isn’t a count of the vaccinations, an exact number of doses, nor unified command posts between the MSP and IESS. He asked, “¿Qué pasó? ¿Por qué demonios no tenemos datos?” (What happened? Why the hell don’t we have data? – por que demonios is your phrase for the day and probably pretty useful in everyday speech.) He asked for the firing of the people responsible, and said he was inclined to break quarantine, which he started last viernes when he was diagnosed positive for Covid, in order to coordinate the vaccination process in each province. On 24/3, he fired zonal coordinators, hospital directors and managers, and others responsible for irregular vaccinations, and predicted more firings if corrections aren´t made. <Maybe a passionate crusader is what we need to get the vaccinations coordinated. Now if he could only turn that fire onto the manufacturers and get the vaccines shipped here.>

Nuevo lote de más de 66,000 vacunas (New batch of more than 66,000 vaccines) – Ecuador got another 66,690 doses from Pfizer Wednesday. 388,950 doses have already been received and administered. <A long way from the 2,000,000 doses promised.>

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