Paris moves to ban tourist buses as officials and citizens complain about ‘too many tourists’

Jul 4, 2019 | 0 comments

By Rebecca Perring

Paris’ deputy mayor Emmanuel Grégoire urged holidaymakers to turn to environmentally friendly options like walking, cycling or taking public transport. He said tourists were concerned about the influx of tourist buses. Paris is crisscrossed by dozens of hop-on, hop-off double-decker buses that shuttle tourists between the main monuments, as well as international tourist coaches that bring in budget travellers from all over Europe.

A tourist bus in Paris.

If Paris bans buses, it would join other European cities, such as Venice, Barcelona and Rome, in putting restrictions on the tourism industry.

Mr Gregoire said the city was awaiting new legislation to reduce bus traffic and would put in place parking spots outside the city so that buses no longer drive into the centre.

He told local newspaper Le Parisien: “We no longer want the total anarchy of tourist buses in Paris. Buses are no longer welcome in the very heart of the city.

“Tourists can do like everyone else does and switch to environmentally friendly mobility options or take public transport. We need change.”

Mr Grégoire said tourist guides should adapt by developing guided bicycle tours, or walking tours with headphones.

The move comes after a crackdown on electric scooter in Paris in June.

France’s new law on mobility will give local authorities more powers to regulate local traffic and new transport options such as rented bicycles and electric scooters.

Last year, tourist arrivals in Paris and the Ile-de-France region around it set a record of 50 million people, up from 48 million in 2017.

This is despite the violent “yellow vest” protests against Emmanuel Macron’s government which began last November.

Credit: The Express,


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