Pedestrian needs studied on Av. Las Americas

Dec 13, 2013

Cuenca’s Municipal Transit Authority, DMT, said it continues to study the pedestrian crossing problem on Av. Las Americas but cautions that it must complete its studies before adding new features.

Residents of the Jacaranda Park neighborhood, near the entrance to the Industrial Park, have erected a sign demanding a crossing light, claiming that the lack of one endangers their children.

Boris Palacios, DMT director, says his office is proceeding as quickly as possible to develop the plan not only for pedestrians but for cyclists as well. Under consideration, he says, are traffic and pedestrian crossing lights and bridges over the roadway. “We are moving forward but we must complete our technical studies before making any changes.” He added that his office must also consider traffic flow.

Another area where citizens have complained about a lack of pedestrian crossings is Feria Libre market.

“It’s complete chaos here almost all hours of the day,” says local resident Juana Ordoñez. “There is the market traffic as well as all the bus traffic. We can use the tunnel across from the market but if you are not near the tunnel it is difficult and dangerous to cross.”

The new municipal bus transfer station on Av. Las Americas, just south of Feria Libre, has added significant bus traffic to the area, Ordoñez says. “It is worse than it was before,” she says.