Martes, 27/10/2015: Burlesque, concert, taxi fares, etc.

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Hola, Todos –

Thanks to all of you who wrote to welcome me back.  It´s good to be back achl jeanne logond working again.

Pagina cultural – 

Forum – on “El Humor y lo Burlesco” (Humor and Burlesque) Thu. at 18:00 in  the Prohibido Central Cultural with Alberto del Campo Tejedor.

Theater (I think) – Monólogo de un Moribundo (Monologue of a Dying Person) – by the collective Eydillion from Thu to Sat at 20:00 in the sala “Vinicio Jáuregui in El Avispero.  (Sounds like something you´d want to go to only if you were in a good mood to start out with.  That phrase is piss poor grammer isn´t it.)

Concierto – the XX Concierto de Música Popular Latinoamerica, “Mi Cuenca canta,” will be this Sat. in the Plaza San Francisco at 14:00.  It will be an homage to songwriter Freddy Ortega.

Articles about –

The movie (no, film) festival La Orquídea (If it´s not a Hollywood action movie is it a film?) is looking for a new opening venue due to the fire at the Teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz.  Sites being considered are the Casa de la Cultura or the Teatro Sucre.

CIDAP is settting up vendors´ along the Tomebamba.  (Old news to anyone who´s passed by there recentlyçvbc)

OSC (Orquesta Sinfónica de Cuenca) is preparing 2 concerts for Independence of Cuenca Day.  The first will be on Thu in parque De La Madre and the second on Fri. in the teatro Pumapungo – both at 20:00.  Patricio Alomoto from Quito will conduct a program including Swan Lake, Vals Danza Rusa Czardas (Waltz Dance Russion and whatever the heck Czardas is), Danza Española Finale and local melodies.

Santiago Peña who won the National Prize for Literature.

A traditional barber shop on la Condamine.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Viajar de noche en taxi cuesta 7 centavos más (Traveling by taxi at night will cost 7 cents more).  (This is just what you wanted to hear, right?)  The 7 cent (when did the cent symbol on the keyboard go away?) increase per kilometer starts after the 1st 7 km.  The manager of EMOV says this isn´t an increase in the rate.  (Sounds like Bill Clinton during the brouhaha over Monica Lewinsky.)

A new project  – to prevent tax evasion was sent to the Assembly.  Currently taxes on inheritances, legacies and donations are evaded through transfers to trusts, companies located in tax havens and  other means.  (Better check with someone before you sell that condo here and receive the funds in the US.)

The first forum – on strategic investments was held with over 600 representatives from banks, and organizations developing 94 strategic projects in mining, hydrocarbons, electricity, etc.

The teatro Carlos Cueva – will need 2-3 months to repair (I´d double that).  A fire resistant curtain automatically dropped so the theater seats were not damaged by fire or smoke.  The stage floor did suffer water damage and the theater was covered by insurance.  (Do you know if your condo is covered by insurance? Just a question to disturb your tranquility.)

And for all of you whose recreation is drinking – bars and discos will stay open until 4:00 between 30/10 and 2/11.  This applies to establishments that are currently allowed to stay open until 2:00.

Imports – to Aug of this year fell 16.9% compared to the previous year.  Fuels fell 31.4%, raw materials by 10.8%, capitol goods by13.5% and consumer goods by 13.6%.  (But did domestic production go up?  Or is everyone just waiting until the 15 months of import tax increases is over?)

Amenidades –

The El Vado barrio – will open “Vive Circo Moda” (Fashion Circus Lives) on Sun, 1/11 at 19:00 in the Plazoleta de la “Cruz el Vado.”  The exhibition will run 3 days along with a Design Fair on calle La Condamine.  There will be various performances during the 3 days.

Internacional – 

Paraguay – will have access to the Pacific via Chile with a warehouse (duty free?) for Paraguayan goods in the northern Chilean port of Antofagasta.  A rail line connecting Chile and Paraguay and passing through either Bolivia or northern Argentina appears to be the most economical method of transporting goods.  (Hey, Evo – better start lobbying for a Bolivia railroad connection – easier than trying to get the territory lost in the War of the Pacific back.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana.

— Jeanne



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