Planning continues for opening Calle Santa Ana

Jul 16, 2014

Planning continues on the three-year-old project to open the alley to the north of Cuenca’s cathedral to crafts shops, art galleries and cafés. The entrance to the alley, to the left of the Raymipampa Restaurant, has been bricked shut for more than a century.

The alley was originally called Calle Santa Ana and ran parallel to Simon Bolivar between Benigno Malo and General Torres. The street was permanently closed during the construction of the cathedral in the late 1880s.

The the Ministry of Culture, the University of Cuenca and the Archdiocese of Cuenca believe the restored street could become a major cultural attraction in the historic district.

The plan calls for the street to run past the San Luis Seminary, itself recently restored following 2012 fire damage, connecting to Calle Padre Aguirre.