Police dismantle Facebook sex trafficking network; more arrests are expected

Nov 21, 2016 | 0 comments

A sex trafficking network that used Facebook to lure young girls into sexual liaisons with older men has been dismantled in Cuenca and Machala, national police report. They say three arrests were made in Machala last week and expect more to follow.

An arrest is made in Facebook sex network.

An arrest is made in Facebook sex network.

The group targeted girls ages eight to 13, arranging meetings with older male clients and video-taping sexual acts. So far, police have identified 16 victims, 12 Ecuadorians, two Mexican and two Colombians. Victims said they were held against their will and were raped. Police say they freed seven victims who had been held as sex slaves.

During the arrests, police seized computers, cell phones, USB thumb drives, cameras, weapons, and a variety of items used in the production of pornographic videos and photos.

Of the three suspects arrested, two were Ecuadorians and one was an unidentified foreigner.

According to police, contact with all victims in the case was made through Facebook accounts.


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