Presidential debate, scheduled for October 1, will focus on four topics

Sep 19, 2023 | 0 comments

The October 1 presidential debate between Luisa González and Daniel Noboa will include four themes: the economy; crime and security; social programs; and political structures. The National Electoral Council (CNE) also announced debate format changes from the first presidential primary debate.

Journalist Ruth del Salto will moderate the Oct. 1 presidential debate.

CNE said that foreign journalist Ruth del Salto will serve as moderator.

Debate format changes include an allotment of 25 minutes for each of the four themes; an extension of the time allowed for moderator questions to two minutes; and a time limit of 25 seconds for candidate replies to opponent questions.

According to the CNE, questions about the economy will focus on the distribution and management of the country’s economic resources, preparation and mitigation plans for the impending El Niño, strategies for job creation, and evaluation of use of the U.S. dollar as Ecuador’s official currency.

Questions about crime and security will include management of the national security system, changes needed to fight organized crime including the drug cartels, the prison system, local law enforcement and protection of human rights.

Social program questions will address the quality and access to education, teacher training and pay, investment in infrastructure, improving health care systems, child malnutrition and support for vulnerable groups.

Questions about the political structure include the possibility of a popular consultation or constituent assembly, changes to the National Assembly, and the position of the country in its diplomatic and commercial relations with other nations, and the electoral process.

In the selection of del Salto as debate moderator, CNE President Diana Atamaint said the council took “extra precautions” to identify a journalist without political connections in Ecuador.

Del Salto began her professional career in Guayaquil as a reporter and news anchor for Ecuavisa and Televistazo. She continued her career in Colombia and currently lives in Qatar, where she reports on Latin American and Ecuadorian news on the NTN24 network.


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