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Presumed presidential candidate Nebot supports abortion in the case of rape

Former Guayaquil mayor Jaime Nebot said Monday that he supports a woman’s right to an abortion in the case of rape. He also said that the entire “question of abortion needs a thorough review due to the high number of clandestine procedures.”

Jaime Nebot

Although he has not officially announced his candidacy, Nebot led all prospective 2021 presidential candidates by a wide margin in a recent poll.

Currently, abortion in any case is illegal in Ecuador but legislation being considered in the National Assembly could allow it in cases of rape or incest. Attempts to change the law failed during the presidency of Rafael Correa who supported the position of the Catholic church and opposed all abortions.

In a series of Tweets, Nebot said that a woman who has been raped should not be subject to “further injustices,” such as public condemnation and jail. Although he said he personally opposes abortion in most cases, he said the fact that there are a large number of illegal abortions performed in Ecuador cannot be ignored. “This cannot be swept under the carpet. I respect all opinions on the subject and believe we should have a full and open debate on abortion.”

12 thoughts on “Presumed presidential candidate Nebot supports abortion in the case of rape

  1. He’s been almost completely silent for two years as Moreno implements the policies he has been calling for for a decade, which AP and the PSC (Nebot’s party) voting in lock step. Now he’ll come out with a noncontroversial statement every few months in the run-up to the election, focusing on a strategy of not saying anything stupid that could cost him the race. The press will his role in previous dictatorships, his participation in the feriado bancario and the fact that a lifetime public servant whose salary is public record managed to become super wealthy without ever working in the private sector. That was the strategy from the beginning. Everything Moreno has done has been designed to put Nebot in the presidential palace.

    Considering the state of democracy around the world, and the fact that the financial community is behind Nebot, it will probably work.

    1. Smart guy, keeping his powder dry until the real campaign. It makes a lot more sense than the ad nauseum political freak show in the US.

    2. Smart guy, keeping his powder dry until the real campaign. It makes a lot more sense than the ad nauseum political freak show in the US.

      1. Except he had nothing but daily criticism in any media outlet that would listen until about 2 months into Moreno’s administration, the same time his political party in the Assembly made an alliance with what was left of AP and started receiving choice committee positions.

        Smart, sure, but so was his mentor Febres Cordero. I guess in a way you could say Moreno was smart. He managed to get elected president and then imposing the exact opposite off the political program the people voted for.

    3. If permitting abortion is so noncontroversial, why then is it still forbidden? I don’t understand it.

      1. After recent pushes by civil society groups, polling indicates that the majority of the population is now in favor of abortion in cases of rape and incest. While any abortion will always be controversial in militant Catholic circles, Nebot’s stated position is nothing more than a demonstration that he knows which way the wind is blowing.

      2. The easy answer is the Catholic Church, but that is a cop out. I grew up in a DEEPLY Catholic place..far more so than Ecuador is now.

        And there is a difference in something being “noncontroversial” something being too uninteresting to excite dialogue and a subject being so politically dangerous that it stifles dialogue. Who wants to risk becoming a target from the pulpit, even if you’re not a politician?

        IMHO the real answer for Ecuador’s abortion restriction is caused by the local culture, just as it is anywhere such restrictions are found. If everyone is falsely trained from birth to accept that women are subservient to men, then why on earth would women be given the right to choose whether to carry a man’s child to term or not? Nothing is more macho than a man getting men pregnant, so ending that is a blasphemy. By the same token, you can even get the women to believe that (especially if you have a religion endorsing htat.

        I do not get myself involved pondering the whys and wherefores of abortion. I am a male and the abortion decision is so patently one for each woman to make..and no one else. And she will do so whatever religion, the law, her family, the Church or metaphysics tells her to do. It is merely far more dangerous done clandestinely and the only way to enforce it is to place all child bearing women in close custody (10 to 45?). After all, if we are to deprive citizens of their right to do with their bodies as they choose, we have to be able to enforce it.

        To my mind, a man supporting an anti-abortion law for women is akin to a woman voting for a law banning abortion for men. It has no effect and diminishes respect for Law and Women. It is found wherever machoism and misogyny flourishes.

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