Proposals would jail drivers who flee traffic accidents, change autopsy requirements, and stiffen sexual assault penalties

Feb 18, 2017 | 1 comment

President Rafael Correa has sent criminal code amendments to the National Assembly that would make leaving the scene of a traffic accident illegal and extend the statute of limitations for sexual abuse of minors. He is also asking for changes that would require autopsies to contain specific information.

Even bus drivers leave the scene of accidents.

According to Correa, the tradition of drivers leaving the scene of accidents with impunity is “an outrageous third-world habit that must end.” His proposal would impose jail sentences of up to two years for those who do not remain on the scene of accidents until police arrive. His proposal would also increase penalties for those who commit theft at the scene of traffic accidents.

Another amendment extends the statute of limitations for those who sexually assault children under the age of 18 to 40 years from the current 10. Correa says that under current law, those who commit sexual crimes against minors get off too easily.

The president’s amendments would also require specific information in autopsies to assist law enforcement in solving crimes. Currently, much of the information in autopsies is left to the discretion of the coroner.

Other changes to the code include stiffer penalties for sales of illegal drugs near schools and for falsification of medical documents and reports.

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