Protest updates: City negotiates to get garbage to landfill, Military transport delivers food to Coral, Gas pain, El Centro IESS center closes

Oct 10, 2019 | 5 comments

Miércoles, 9/10/2019

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Eurocine 2019 – Films are being shown all week a las 18:00 y 20:00 at the Alianza Francesa. Free.

Festival rescheduling – The Primer Festival del Folclore “Los Andes Viven” will be changed from Wednesday to 23/10 a las 20:00 in the theater of the CCE.

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Titular – Hoy, día tenso en el país (Today, tense day in the country) – See Wednesday’s CHL article for details.

A military transport plane delivers food for Coral supermarkets.

Garbage collection – Garbage is piling up in Azuay at the rate of 500 tons/day. There is no way for the garbage trucks to get to the Pichacay land fill. EMAC is trying to talk to representatives of the Santa Ana and El Valle parish board to allow garbage trucks through. Meanwhile, customers are asked to store their trash in their homes and double bag. <I guess it’s time to build a compost bin.> Other cantons such as Gualaceo, and Deleg and Saraguro in Loja rely on the Cuenca dump and have suspended collection. Gualaceo has trucks trapped at the dump.

IESS dispensary – The director of the IESS in Azuay reported problems in serving their affiliates at the Dispensario Central del IESS located on Bolívar y Borrero. <This address is basically ground zero for the protetsts.> There was physical damage and tear gas in the building. The services will be transferred to the Centro de Atanción del Adulto Mayor (CAAM), next door to the old IESS hospital on Huayna Cápac. This location has parking. Other affiliates are being telephoned and notified they will be attended to at the hospital Materno Infantil and in CAPIA in the Parque Industrial.

Gas – Cuencanos are running out of domestic gas since gas transporters have not been able to get out of Cañar and Alausi. In reverse, there is a trailer full of empty tanks that can’t get out of Cuenca for refilling. An emergency plan allows hospitals enough gas to provide for their patients, including the Hospital de la Mujer y El Niño, the Vicente Corral Moscoso regional hospital, and the José Carrasco Arteaga IESS hospital. On Wednesday afternoon, the energy ministry said it would deliver gas with a military escort to get it through roadblocks.

The government has responded with an air bridge. The first flight of the Hércules C103 <That’s got to mean something to at least some of you beyond “big plane.”> flown in by the Fuerza Aérea Ecuatoriana, brought 9 tons of food, and then flew back out with supplies needed in Quito. <Bet it wasn’t Panama hats.> The morning of este martes, a plane carrying 9 tons of food including produce and oils was flown in for the Ortiz group <Coral> and for the army. That flight returned to Quito carrying rice and sugar.

The archbishop of Cuenca said the Conferencia Episcopal Ecuatoriana is disposed to help restore talks as the only way to return to peace in the country. He said the indigenous directors were open to accept the mediation of the Church.

The cost of subsidies – The article shows two tables comparing total and fuel subsidies for each administration from 2000 to 2019. The second table shows the change in value of the subsidies. From 2000 to 2019, the total subsidy rose from $520 million to $6.955 billion, and the fuel subsidy from $234 Million to $4.176 billion.

Mercados – Activities have been suspended at some mercados. The resolution from the Dirección (department) de Mercados del Municipio covers the wholesale market at El Arenal, 27 de Febrero, 12 de Abril, 10 de Agosto, 3 de Noviembre, plaza San Francisco, and Narancay. <Your shopping choices just got a little more limited.>

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