Purifying the liver and staying hydrated are essential for health: Thyroid health update

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Author’s note: Many subjects will be covered in this four-article series about thyroid health and healthy metabolism. In Part 1, we covered iodine requirements, associated drugs, self-care, medical and home treatment, and medical repercussions are covered. Although it is hard to cover every piece of information, a broad overview will be provided in each section. Low thyroid issues are prevalent in many patients. Part 2 went in-depth with more information about the function and problems of the thyroid. In Part 3 we discussed the use and functions of medications T2 & T3 & T4 as well as doctors’ information. Part 4 concluded with the “Bad News”.

By Garnett Stewart

For the benefit of my readers, please take notice that I am a biochemist and a Nurse Practitioner. As such, I view all metabolism as occurring at the cellular level and make reference to the chemistry and electricity of individual cells in order to maintain health.

The healthy body requires happy and healthy cells. I hope this doesn’t sound confusing, but few medical professionals consider organ function while making decisions. I learned Empirical Medicine, so I make decisions based on symptoms while keeping lab results in mind.

I’ve read that a number of famous people plainly use the L-thyroxine to burn fat and reduce weight. Since Hollywood employs actors with incredibly low body fat, we can follow along.

For quick FAT loss, many celebrity trainers in Hollywood are advising their clientele to use this T2.  I figured it was worth a look, too, if these artists had discovered a cure regarding weight and more especially fat.

See the YouTube video.

A healthy liver is necessary for a healthy metabolism!  It is simply incorrect to desire fat loss in the body when the liver is not fully working. Health is hampered by the issue of a toxic liver.

In 2023, I healed my ailing liver. I’ve asked a number of doctors here in Ecuador, and none of them have ever seen a patient’s liver improve. It is a major cause of death for adults and always develops into the fatal cirrhosis. The products I utilized are readily available worldwide, but they are not approved for use by doctors in the United States.

I’m fortunate to reside in Ecuador.

What I learned that would change my life: a maximum dosage of 1500 mg per day for a 3-month course of this supplement is advised. I plan to utilize 1000 mg as a high dose that won’t have any negative effects.

Heartburn, headaches, exhaustion, and nausea are some of the adverse effects. If I allowed my hydration to be lower than usual, I have experienced headaches. I find that keeping my body hydrated is crucial. We live at an elevation in Cuenca and are prone to dehydration.

Formula for hydration:
Weight in pounds divide by 2 = NUMBER of ounces of beneficial fluids needed daily. Example: 220 pounds divided by 2 = 110 ounces.

Given that there are about 34 ounces is one liter, I have to drink 3.5 liters, but since I enjoy coffee, I drink more than 4 liters to offset the dehydrating effects of the beverage. I love “batidos,” but I rarely drink them to cut calories. I add whey protein and make them sugar-free at home. And I really do adore coffee! Start drinking more water if you haven’t been doing so lately!

While coffee is healthful in moderation, it is a dehydrating beverage. Chocolate, coffee, and alcohol are other substances that should be a part of the larger hydration theme.

I have to drink four liters of water a day to be hydrated, in case the calculation above slipped your mind. It is a gallon.

I avoid eating a lot of fruit because it can mess with my blood sugar levels. People I drink a lot of water and herbal or aromatic teas. Though not quite a liter, vegetables do provide us with some water! Fruits provide more than vegetables.

My T2 used first was Thyro-T2, which was about $1 a day. I’ve been taking this for about a month, according to my friend, he could clearly see and feel a reduction in body fat. After I have another month in reserve, I will need more to maintain this fat reduction. I’ve also dropped a few pounds again. Not only have I shed about 10 pounds this month, I’ve also gone down a whole size and a half.

Proper dehydration is essential for good health.

There are numerous advantages to losing weight, such as improved blood pressure and reduced blood sugar.  I’ve shed 85–90 kg during the last 7 years, but I was unable to exercise vigorously because of a damaged knee. We are all aware of how difficult it is to simply starve off fat. Hardly conceivable! Almost impossible! You plateau often, get frustrated, and want to cheat. This cycle is well-known to everyone.

After I lost eighty-five kilos, my endocrinologist — who specializes in metabolism and weight loss — asked me about my weight loss plan. It’s rare for someone to lose this much weight and keep it off. I’m searching for a drug to help, just like everyone else, and I think I’ve discovered one.

The endocrinologist answered my question: How many of your type 2 diabetic patients have been taking diet and oral medicine for the past 20 years? Never. Not one. Ultimately, in his experience, insulin is necessary for all diabetics to get their condition under control.

I may not have as many problems with diabetes after my extra fat tissue disappears.

Based on my predictions for 100 kg, I can safely take 1500 mg of L-thyronine daily for a brief period of time.  I combined this type 2 supplement with my T3 and T4 dosages because I have thyroid dysfunction and type 2 diabetes. My HgA1c is 6.5, which is normal, but my fasting blood glucose is approximately 150, therefore I adjusted the timing of my thyroid medication to the evening.

How come? To boost my daily metabolism especially while sleeping so that I have a lower blood sugar when you wake up!

My hunch is coming true. My heart rate is down and my blood pressure is normal.

Reducing body weight can help the circulatory system function with less stress, which can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. My blood pressure medication has been discontinued.

I should admit that because I have more energy now, I do occasionally become a little sleep deprived. That should change this month, I guess. I make good use of that time since I have more energy and can get more done. It’s a win/win for me. Read more about it here.

Thyroid hormones: The first series was all about iodine. Even with limited chemistry knowledge, you can read that each thyroid hormone has the word iodine in it:

3,5,3′,5′-tetraiodo-L-thyronine (T4)
3,5,3′-triiodothyronine (T3)
And 5-diiodo-L-thyronine (3,5-T2)

T2 has surfaced as an iodothyronine that is biologically active. T2 appears to be aimed at the body’s energy processes. More energy is created by the mitochondria in the cells as they function with more “gas” or glucose as the energy source. As a result, it increases metabolism, development, and differential functions, all of which are MY results, requiring my body to burn more fat.

Personal comment: When I read about someone’s accomplishments, I value how theory was applied and how the application was implemented in actual life. I hope that you do as well.

To sum up. Purify the liver. Stay hydrated. To encourage adipose tissue to metabolize, try T2.  Lose FAT and weight to improve your health.

One commenter is looking for an empirical medical doctor in Quito. Help them please. Another needs help making dose adjustments from Armour to T3 and T4 which I calculated in seconds. And another asked for more information about atrial fibrillation. I am happy to answer whatever you need to solve. But I want identified writers and real names. Hiding your identity will result is a no reply email. After all we are exploring better health together and not identifying yourself is unacceptable.

My next series is about diabetes and type 2 adult-onset diabetes mellitus is our focus.

Garnett Stewart is a permanent resident of Ecuador. She is a retired Adult Medicine Nurse Practitioner with a specialty in Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery and is the author of several published articles. She holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in nursing. Her undergraduate university studies focused on biochemistry and biophysics. She can be contacted at Ecuador.advice@gmail.com


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