Quito vice-mayor sentenced to jail for insulting Correa; plans to appeal

Sep 6, 2016 | 32 comments

Quito Vice-Mayor Eduardo del Pozo has been sentenced to 15 days in jail for comments he made about President Rafael Correa during a June radio interview. A Quito court ruled that del Pozo “discredited the honor of the President.” Del Pozo’s attorney said the judgement would be appealed.

Eduardo del Pozo, right, with Qhito Mayor Maurico Rodas.

Eduardo del Pozo, right, with Quito Mayor Maurico Rodas.

The court also ruled that del Pozo must make a public apology for his comments on the radio station that aired the original interview.

According Caupolicán Ochoa, Correa’s attorney, del Pozo, “violated the honor and good name of the president” by suggesting Correa has avoided paying taxes by using off-shore bank accounts, including one in Belgium, where Correa and his wife own property. Ochoa said the claims are untrue.

Del Pozo also said that Correa can have political opponents arrested and jailed because he has “packed” the nation’s courts and can fire judges who rule against the president’s wishes.

Del Pozo, who is a member of the CREO political party that opposes Correa, was sworn in as Quito vice-mayor last month. He replaced Daniela Chacón, who resigned due to what she said were political differences with Mayor Mauricio Rodas.

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