Rains cause floods, end drought in Cuenca

Jan 8, 2014

Only days after Ecuador’s weather service issued a drought alert for the sierra, heavy rains have caused flooding in Quito and areas to the north of the city. Cuenca, which had negligible rain fall in November and December also received day-long rains on Monday and Tuesday.

Although there was no drought alert for the coast, the provinces of Esmeraldas, Manabi, Los Rios and Guayas have been pounded with heavy rainfall since the weekend. In some areas, flooding chased residents from their homes and damaged property.

High waves were common along the entire coastline and erosion damage was reported in several areas. The worst of it occurred in El Oro province where seven houses were destroyed at Jambelí.

Three deaths due to flooding were reported near Esmeraldas and in Guayaquil.