Recent rains prompt warnings of high water levels in city rivers

Mar 21, 2015

The Cuenca Risk Management Office and local police are warning the public to avoid river banks due to high water levels caused by recent rains.

High water on the Rio Tomebamba on Cuenca's westside.

High water on the Rio Tomebamba on Cuenca’s westside.

“This is the rainy season in Cuenca and we can expect more rain through early April,” a spokesman at the risk management office said. “Every year we have two to three drowning because people don’t observe safety precaution near the rivers,” he said.

Rick management says it is monitoring video cameras in various locations on the Tomebamba, Yanuncay and Tarqui Rivers while police are increasing patrols in areas of greatest concern.

Managers at ETAPA, the utility that manages the city’s water supply, says it is indroducing measures to maintain water quality. They say that higher levels of water flow increase turbidity at the purification plants.

Risk management and police officials are asking the public to report emergencies to the 911-ECU call center.

Photo credit: El Tiempo