Referendum could eliminate citizen participation council, Employment trouble, Symphony in concert, Blood drive, Neighborhood crime update

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Jueves, 25/7/2019

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –
De la pagina cultural –

Monólogo – The monologue, “Sola” will be performed hoy, viernes 26, y sábado 27/7 a las 20:00 in the Nómada space at the CCE ( Pres. Córdova y Luis Cordero). It’s about a woman who is suffering psychological abuse from her family and society. Cost: $5.00 at the ticket office or on line at Avispero.

Muestra – An exhibit of paintings by Silvana Pantuso is at the Salón del Pueblo (Sucre y Benigno Malo) until 31/7.

Cuenca Symphony Orchestra performs tonight.

OSC – the Orquesta Sinfónica de Cuenca will perform its XXVII concert of the 1st 2019 Season el 26/7 a las 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz.

Del cuerpo del periodico –

Blood drive – An international blood drive promoted by “WeLoveU” of S. Korea, the Azuay Red Cross, and the UN Department of Communications will be el domingo from 9-13:00 in the parque De La Madre. Donors need to be between 17 & 65 years with a minimum weight of 110 lb or 50 k. Donating blood doesn’t make you fat or lose weight, it doesn’t debilitate you because your body replaces the volume of blood within a few hours. The donor doesn’t experience any inconveniences and can return to their regular work.

Queen Forever – This show starting Antonio Guerrero (La Voz Ecuador winner) will be el 25 & 26/7 a las 20:00 in the teatro Pumapungo. Tickets at Mi Boletería in the Mall del Río or Palier CCE in the Casa de la Cultura. Cost: $10.00 & $15.00 presales or $15.00 & $20.00.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Crean robot afelpado para la enseñanza (Plush robot created for teaching) – Two students who are doing their final thesis at the UPS have created a Teddy Bear robot to help teach children ages 1-5 years. The robot is interactive.

Economy – Youth and people over 50 are the two groups who find it hard to get work. Unemployment in Cuenca was 4.5% and in Guayaquil it was 2.5%. In junio of 2019, there were 366,163 unemployed people. Underemployment is a larger problem with 1,667,278 in junio, 2019.

Tax fraud – A construction company was ordered to pay $228,556 in taxes plus interest and a fine of 100 SBU’s. The accountant was sentenced to 7 years in prison and a fine of 12 SBU’s

Seguridad – The Observatorio de Seguridad Ciudadana, del Consejo de Seguridad Ciudadana (The Citizen Security Observatory of the Citizen Security Council) released data about types of crime and the parishes with the highest occurances, comparing the period enero a mayo in 2018 and 2019.
Crime 2018 2019
Against life in urban area El Batán Parish Sucre Parish
Against life – rural Turi y Ricaurte Quingeo y Ricaurte
Robberies – urban El Sagarario El Batán y El Sagrario
Robberies – rural Baños, Turi, El Valle y Baños, Turi, Ricaurte
Vehicle theft – urban Yanuncay y El Batán Yanuncay y Bellavista
Home burglaries Yanuncay Yanuncay y El Vecino

Changes in government – A committee of the Constitutional Court is proposing a referendum question that would ask if the voter is in agreement with the elimination of the Consejo de Participación Ciudadana y Control Social and transfer their duties to the Legislature which would change into a bi-cameral system. It would also ask if the A.G. will be independent from the Judicial Function. <That’s not a minor change – from a uni-cameral to a bi-cameral legislature.>

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