Referendum has strong public support, Tram contract signing, Cuba hurricane assistance, Bus drivers sanctioned for cell phone use, Hague rules for Bolivia

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Lunes, 25/9/2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Ongoing agenda event –

CIDAP – The crafts shop, “El Barranco,” was reopened, and a new space was created in the Cafetería del CIDAP <never knew they had one> where you can enjoy Belgian waffles.

Articles about –

Catedral Vieja – The Iglesia del Sagrario was the mother church for Sagrario, the first parish in Cuenca. Inside the church there are at least 4 “capillas” (chapels) built by notable Cuencano families and dedicated to different saints. The organ will be restored and it takes 5 people to play it. <To learn more go to or go on the tour.

Your sliver of life article today – The Unidad Educativa Mario Rizzini is part of the salesian institution and is offering both primary and high school education to people who never had a chance to complete their educations. Classes are only los sábados from 7-13:00 for primary, and from 7-15:00 for high school, so that students can work and study. They are held in the Unidad Educativa Técnico Salesiano (av. Don Bosco y Felipe II). Students can register at the Técnico Salisiano, ending this week. <Maybe you know someone you can recommend this to. There’s a lot of things you can’t do if you don’t have your bachillerato – high school diploma – like get a driver’s license and a lot of jobs.>

Talleres – The new season of workshops in the Centros Culturales in the city has started. Workshops include decorative bathroom dolls, films, painting, gastronomy, and more. <Try the city’s web site if you’re interested.>

Iglesia de San Alfonso – The church has mass and confession every day from 6-8:30 and 19-20:00. Masses are at 6, 7, and 8 am, and at 19:00. Father Manuel Rivera said that his congregation had diminished, especially when the Tranvía work started, since people started attending more convenient churches. <So even God’s flock has been affected by the Tranvía.>

Virgen de la Merced – Several barrios celebrated the Virgen in the iglesia de San José de El Vecino.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Semana clave de cara a la consulta (Key week in the face of the referendum) – A Cedatos-Gallup poll shows that 74% of the population approves of the referendum called by Pres. Moreno. By region, Amazonía was the highest with 83% the Sierra second with 77% and la Costa last with 44%. Moreno himself has an approval rating of 77% as of 15/9, and “la credibilidad en la palabra del presidente Moreno” (Moreno’s trustworthyness <to summarize>) is at 67.6%.

Tranvía – The city of Cuenca should be signing the contract with the ACTN Tranvía Cuenca Consortium in 16 days. The city has funds of $11 million from the collection of garantías (bonds?), $21 million from the transfer of assets and $20 mil from the sale of property transferred to the city from the Army. <And no, I didn’t anything in the article about a start date.>

Christmas – The Salón de Navidad in Miraflores has opened. It has up to 50% discounts for Sukasa and Supermaxi card holders. Christmas is coming in 3 months. <Now you know when Christmas season starts in Ecuador. Remember when it didn’t start in the US until after Thanksgiving? Then it started after Halloween. And now – I have no idea.>

Bus drivers – About 100 drivers have received administrative sanctions for using their cell phones while carrying passengers. They’re allowed to use them when they go off shift and the bus is empty. Company sanctions can include 8-15 day and up to indefinite suspensions; and legal sanctions can include a fine of 10% of the basic salary, and loss of 3 points off the driver’s license. In addition to the bus companies, EMOV has also cited drivers for using their phones. Citizens can complain by calling 1800-Urbano and 157 for EMOV.

Cuba – An Ecuadorian Air Force plane delivered 14 tons of humanitarian aid to Cuba last sábado for the victims of Hurricane Irma. The shipment included food, clothing and sleeping supplies such as mattresses, and bedding. <And what is the US doing for its own citizens in Puerto Rico?>

Past election – A preparatory hearing against the polling firm Cedatos will be on 13/11. The company is being investigated for the alleged crime of falsifying a private document and then using it fraudulently. It conducted a poll last febrero which showed Guillermo Lasso as the winner of the presidential election.

Intercultural – Making a chakana or Andean cross is a solemn act by the taitas and mamas.

Internacional –

Bolivia – The The Hague Tribunal ruled in favor of Bolivia’s claim against Chile for the return of territory that would give Bolivia access to the Pacific. <I think Bolivia lost the territory when a particularly bad president signed it away.>

Descuentos y compras –

Cuencauto – Special edition Chery Tiggo3 from $18,990.

Kia – Sportage X from $34,990, Sportage R from $29,990, and Sportage Active from $25,990.

Toyotathon – Yaris with free matriculation (vehicle registation), Rav 4 and Prius with either free matriculation or 50″ TV, Hilux pickups from $32,990 to $52,990.

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