Reflecting on his 71st birthday, an expat gives thanks for finding his oasis in paradise

Sep 6, 2023 | 0 comments

Reflecting as I do, especially on my 71st birthday, about life, the evolution of consciousness, and the path of mastery, I appreciate what has manifested around me. I began my search for this perfect paradise some 20 years ago. Eventually my search led me to the Andean highlands of Ecuador. As a Taoist, my definition of paradise is a life of harmony and balance. At the physical level of nature, this place in Ecuador offers a very unusual environment. With 12 hours of daylight each and every day, we experience perfect balance. With air temperatures averaging between 65 and 75 degrees F. as a daily high, we experience perfect balance.

A mountain stream runs through the Oasis.

Now at the level of the body how do achieve this same harmony and balance? How do we experience perfect mental/emotional and physical health? I have found that by simply aligning myself with nature, the elements of water, air, earth and fire I enjoy perfect health. Beyond simple harmony and balance, how does one find maximum fulfillment and happiness? This comes with the daily expression of creativity. Creativity and happiness go hand-in-hand, in my experience.

The ease of life comes from the simple process of removing interference patterns.

Nature, again, is our teacher. Flow, for example, evidenced by the quebrada (mountain stream) is the perfect example of how energy overcomes interference patterns. We learn the value of acceptance and appreciation, grace and gratitude. If allowed, positive energy will always bring negative energy into balance.

I have been able to remove the interference patterns that came from the conditioning of my culture. It took decades of determined effort. This is the process that I call Conscious Dying, removing the interference patterns, and allowing true peace and happiness to naturally arise.

Today I enjoy a paradise that reflects the highest manifestation of the dreams of my younger years. And I deeply believe that this same paradise is possible for anyone willing to learn from the principles of nature.


Louis Bourgeois lives outside of Cuenca with his wife and young daughter at the Oasis Center. He teaches courses in Conscious Living and Conscious Dying. He is planning a one-day intensive course, The OASIS Experience: How to Know God. He can be contacted at

Louis Bourgeois

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