Reopening causes a spike in Covid cases; Recyclers out of work; New bus route begins; University of Azuay to add Baños campus

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Miércoles, 24/6/2020

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Titular – Se caen 12 casas (12 houses fall) – Land in the La Raya sector of Santa Ana parish has sunk more than 1.5 m. in the last 3 months. 12 houses are at risk of collapsing. The Gestion of Riesgos (Risk Management) is planning mitigation measures to control the sinking which is effecting at least a 3,000 sq. m. area. At least 4 families have been evacuated. <Poor folks – having to cope with losing their houses on top of fighting the coronavirus.> The U. of Cuenca did a superficial study in the area and saw settling aggravated by water which is clearly visible in the puddles formed where before there was grass and pasture. The risk manager for ETAPA and the department of public works have inspected the area and decided to put in a surface drain, ask for the U. of Cuena’s support for studies, and ask for mitigation works from the Prefectura. One of affected neighbors who does not want to move is an adulto mayor whose source of income is her house where she has a tienda, raises cuy and has a shoe store. <A senior citizen with 3 jobs – WOW.> She said that if they moved no one would hire them.

The work of Cuenca paramedics has increased with the coronavirus epidemic. (El Mercurio)

Increase in cases <I don’t need to specify COVID cases, do I? What other cases are there. Oh, right – corruption cases.> Just from lunes to martes, there was an increase of 49 COVID cases, one of the largest jumps since abril. Authorities are worried about an increase in patients needing intensive care beds which have been full on various days. Julio Molina, the health coordinator for Zone 6 said there is an excess of confidence in the citizenry which includes misuse of masks and not observing social distancing. Statistics from Zone 6 show 1,292 people infected in Cuenca since the start of the pandemic, of whom 1,049 have recovered with 243 active cases in quarantine. Of those 36 are in critical condition leaving 5 beds free for new cases. <One infected person at a big party might be able to get those beds filled in a week or two.> There have been 48 deaths in hospitals and another 110 confirmed or suspected deaths from COVID in private homes.

Recyclers – Recyclers are receiving a bono (assistance money/ bond) of $72/mo. since they haven’t been able to work for the past 3 months. Only the 260 recyclers registered with EMAC (garbage company) are receiving the bono along with biosecurity suits and training. There are at least 2,000 recyclers in the city. They will be able to return to work in about 15 days under biosecurity measures. <I wonder if there are going to be new words making it into the Oxford Dictionary due to the coronavirus?>

New bus line – The CTC will start a new bus line this month to connect the plataforma de Narancay in the south, to the back of the Terminal Terrestre in the north with a route along the vía Cuenca-Azogues, av. de Las Américas, to the ciudadela Jacarandá and av. Gil Ramírez Dávalos. The route will take the buses close to the Mall del Río; U. de Azuay; the entrance to the El Valle parish; and the José Carrasco Arteaga, IESS, and Del Río hospitals. The line will be #4, Plataforma Itinerante de Narancay-Terminal Terrestre.

Destruction of pesticides – The Ministerio del Ambiente y Agua announced that it will be destroying 73 tons of obsolete plaguecidas (pesticides – our word for the day). These chemicals nearing the ends of their useful lives, were used to control crop pests. Due to toxic components, they represent a significant risk to soil contamination and human health. <So who was telling me that things grown around here are organic because farmers can’t afford pesticides?>

New UDA campus – The Universidad de Azuay is expecting to complete a new campus in Baños by the end of 2020. The $15 million project will have 106 classrooms that will allow for 3750 students, a 1,500 seat stadium, 15 labs, 2 auditoriums, green areas and a parking lot for 130 cars. The project is 90% complete. <This is for you trivia history buffs.> When the autopista was built 20 years ago, there were slides that affected a part of UDA. The administrators were afraid that the whole area between the vía rápida and 24 de Mayo would be affected so they bought 25,000 sq. m. of land in Baños. As it turned out, it was not needed so in 2017 they started construction on a new campus. Primary (grade school) students from the Unidad Educativa La Asunción will start school on the campus in septiembre if classes in person resume. Another part of the campus will house carreras cortas (short majors or careers) such as mechanics, carpentry, and baking. <Sounds like a junior college curriculum.>

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