San Francisco Plaza comes alive with dance and music in weekend performances

Aug 7, 2019 | 0 comments

A folkloric dance performance last weekend at San Francisco Plaza.

The administrator of the renovated San Francisco Plaza says last weekend’s dance exhibitions is the just the beginning of a full schedule of cultural events.

Acknowledging criticism of the plaza design and management, Fausto Guillén says he believes the public will soon understand the original intentions of the renovation of the historic square. “The start has been slow, we must admit, but we will soon see the fulfillment of the idea to make the plaza a center of performing and exhibition arts,” he says. “The crowds we attracted last weekend show that there is great public interest in what are doing. It is our plan to fill the square with performances, music and art.”

On Saturday and Sunday, the performance groups Austro Folkloric Dance Ballet, Jatary Sunchy, Taky Kushilla, Ecuador Llakta Killa, among others, performed on the square.

The San Francisco Plaza merchants association said it was pleased with the performances and the crowds they attracted and look forward to more of the same. “The city has been late in beginning the programs they promised us but we were pleased with the turnout,” said Juan Estero, representative of the association. “The activity benefited the merchants.”

Guillén said more performances are planned this week beginning on Thursday in conjunction with the August 10 holiday.


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