Sharing the art: Arco iris

Jan 5, 2017 | 6 comments

North of Cuenca, lie a few small, sparsely populated villages and hamlets.

Out past there, the Andes rise quickly from the tendrils of their ghostly mist, partially shrouded by late afternoon sheets of rain. A small hole opens in the sky allowing several beams of light to pierce the heavy veil of the clouds. The brilliance of the diagonal late afternoon rays dance across the foothills of the Andes painting their glorious colors across the landscape of the small town below.

A short but broad rainbow forms limited in stature by the opening that permits light its brief entry. As in all spectacular atmospherics, the scene is but moments in length. However, the shutter opened and closed during those brief seconds so you get to see it also, the same way I did.

That’s a part of the beauty of making art, to be able to share your interpretation with others. That fleeting moment in time, that elusive instant, forever captured to be shared with the world. Here it is, I’m sharing it with you. And, one last thing, there are fairies and gnomes living far back there on the edge of light, I feel their presence and hear the faint whirring of little drills and the whisper of tiny saws! Can you!?

Closing Comments: Some who have viewed this piece prior to its public release have asked me what filters, etc. I used to process my RAW image to obtain this effect. The answer is none. This is a very unusual atmospheric that limits a rainbow to more of a globe like display in lieu of the more common curved form we are familiar with. Several key elements had to occur simultaneously in order for nature to render this effect which is completely natural without tampering or additions by the hand of man.

Brian M. Buckner, May 10, 2016, Cuenca


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