Social Christians see Jan Topić as the top challenger to Noboa in 2025 presidential election

May 18, 2024 | 0 comments

Leaders of Ecuador’s Social Christian Party have made it clear their top choice of a presidential candidate in the 2025 presidential election is Jan Topić. Although he has not announced his political plans, Topić acknowledged Wednesday that he is “strongly considering” being a candidate on the Social Christian ticket.

Jan Topić

“There is no doubt we see Topić as the most formidable presidential contender against Noboa in February and we are working hard to convince him to be our candidate,” said Social Christian party President Alfredo Serrano. “Eight months before the election, the polls show him to be the most formidable challenger and we believe his challenge will become stronger as we approach the election.”

In the 2023 cross death election campaign, polls showed Topic contending for a runoff spot against Citizens Revolution candidate Luisa Gonzalez before the assassination of Fernando Villavicencio. Topić ultimately missed the runoff, finishing fourth with 15% of the vote.

In addition to Serrano, Topić has met with Social Christian party founder and former Guayaquil mayor Jaime Nebot. “I have good relations with the party and with Jaime Nebot and we are talking about the party’s plans for February,” he said

Topić has been a vocal critic of Noboa’s campaign against criminal gangs, claiming it is “mostly show” and has produced minimal results. “It is a media campaign based on high profile arrests and the use of the armed forces,” Topić says. “The solution requires much more than brute force and must be accompanied by a range of strategies, including enhanced intelligence capabilities.”

Topić also claims social conditions that drive young people into criminal activity are not being addressed. “Besides fighting the narcos there must be corresponding programs to deal with the lack of education and jobs for young men in Guayas, Manabi and other coastal areas where crime is concentrated,” he says. “We have heard lip service about social issues but as far as I can tell, no serious effort has been made to address them.”

Despite Noboa’s strong poll numbers, Serrano sees the current government as “vulnerable” and believes Topić presents the strongest challenge against it. “He has a strong position on opposing criminal activity, but he understands we need a more sophisticated approach to achieving real results against the gangs,” Serrano says. “He also has a better understanding of how poverty and unemployment play into the hands of the criminals.”

He adds: “This could be the first election in several years when the Correistas do not reach the runoff. They have been badly damaged by corruption revelations and Rafael Correa has lost much of the support he enjoyed in the past. Topić can take advantage of this weakness.”

Serrano also believes Topić’s military background and experience will appeal to voters. A joint Ecuadorian-French citizen, Topić served in the French Foreign Legion, serving assignments in Africa, Syria and Ukraine.


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