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Sonnenholzner resigns the vice presidency amid speculation of a presidential run

Vice President Otto Sonnenholzner resigned Tuesday morning and although he said he has not made a final decision it is widely believed he will announce his candidacy for president within a matter of days. “Ecuador faces one of the most important elections in its history and I offer my services to help eradicate the inequality, hunger, unemployment and corruption that plague the country,” he said at a morning news conference.

Vice President Otto Sonnenholzner

Although some political analysts predicted Sonnenholzner would criticize President Lenin Moreno, he offered only minor policy rebukes in his statement, saying the government needs to “do a better job of serving the people.” He thanked Moreno for the opportunity to be involved in public service.

“To be a viable candidate, Otto must distance himself to some extent from a president who is polling less than 20 percent in terms of favorability,” says Carlos Estevez, former vice interior minister. “It is unclear how he will handle this but I believe we will find out very soon.”

Sonnenholzner, 37, would join a crowded field of presidential aspirants, led by Guayaquil banker Guillermo Lasso, expected to be joined soon by a supporter of former president Rafeal Correa.

Yet to be determined, says Estevez, are Sonnenholzner’s politics. “We know almost nothing about where he stands on the issues and his announcement today does not change that. He has been highly visible in the health emergency so people have become used to seeing him and hearing him comment on issues regarding the virus. The expectation is that he will run as a left-centrist, distancing himself from Lasso, hoping to pick up support from liberals but as of now no one knows for sure.”

In his press appearance, Sonnenholzner said he would “accept the wisdom of the simple people of Ecuador as well as those in high places” in his effort to help the country. He also released a lengthy statement discussing his views on Ecuador’s future, his service to control the Covid-19 virus and his devotion to his family.

With Sonnenholzner’s exit, Moreno will begin the search for his fourth vice president in three years. Two of the former VPs are serving prison terms. In a statement Tuesday night, the president praised Sonnenholzner for his “highly valuable service” and wished him well in future endeavors.

12 thoughts on “Sonnenholzner resigns the vice presidency amid speculation of a presidential run

  1. “accept the wisdom of the simple people of Ecuador as well as the money of those in high places.”
    Now this guy will go places!

  2. Using the words “simple people” is so derogatory. In all fairness this could have been in the translation and the word he used in Spanish may not have the same meaning. OK all you people that speak fluent Spanish should I be giving him the benefit of the doubt.

  3. I don’t know if Sonnenholzner will run for President, but he clearly wants to distance himself from the very unpopular President.

    1. In reality, Otto works for Germany and Deutschbank. They’re his true employers; everything else said about him is merely roller derby highlights. He did his job, which was to oversee Ecuador being put in debt until doomsday. What he does next is of little import.
      His first language is German; he attended the German school in Miami, FL. You’ve got to have SOME money to get into that place. The Lysol virus was the cover needed to bring Ecuador into line.

      1. Pure fiction, all of it. His first language is not German, Deutsche Bank (not “Deutschbank”) is not even in Ecuador and he never attended any school in Miami. Ecuador´s debt when Correa left stood at around 56 billion.

    2. I always try to distance myself from the unpopular expats down on Larga, since their knowledge of Ecuador and South America is often miniscule despite the bravado with which they speak.

        1. Hiram I enjoy your comments and sensibilities which many posters don’t have an inkling about.

      1. Where I come from, your words and high self esteem would be characterized as “you being awfully full of yourself”. My guess is that “the people you try to distance yourself from”, return the favor…in spades.

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