Stolen puppies found at Feria Libre market and returned to their owners

May 28, 2015 | 0 comments

After they were alerted by their owners, members of Cuenca’s citizen’s guard recovered two puppies on Wednesday at the Feria Libre market.

Puppies for sale at Feria Libre market. Photo credit: El Mercurio

Puppies for sale at Feria Libre market. Photo credit: El Mercurio

The dogs, a Siberian husky and an English bulldog, were stolen over the weekend in the Cristo del Consuelo neighborhood. Yesterday, the owners went to Feria Libre, where dozens of dogs are sold each day, and spotted their pets in a seller’s cage.

When confronted by the citizen’s guards, the seller said he was unaware that the dogs were stolen. He was questioned but not arrested.

One of the dog owners, who asked not to be identified, said it is not uncommon for pure bred dogs to be stolen and then sold to pet sellers at Feria Libre. “If your dog goes missing, this is the first place where you should come,” she said. “This is a criminal activity and should be stopped.”

The Cuenca city council is discussing a draft ordinance that would require sellers of animals at city markets to have proof of ownership. The ordinance would also require more humane treatment of animals at markets.



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