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Strong earthquake near Puyo felt in central, northern Ecuador and southern Colombia

A magnitude 6.1 earthquake sent residents and workers into the streets of Puyo, Ambato, Riobamba, and Quito at 12:50 Tuesday afternoon. The quake, felt in a large area of northern Ecuador, was centered 65 kilometers east of Puyo, near the small town of Sarayaku.

Quake location.

Towns in southern Colombian also reported feeling the tremor.

Early reports reported minimal damage, mostly due to the fact that the quake’s epicenter was in an uninhabited area on the fringe of the Amazon jungle. Until 6 p.m. Tuesday, there were seven aftershocks measuring between four and five magnitude.

The depth of the earthquake was 16.5 miles.

Mónica Segovia, a technician at the Ecuador Geophysical Institute said the quake was the result of movement of geological faults where the foothills of the Andes Mountains meet the jungle lowlands. She said tremors in the area are not uncommon, although one of 6 magnitude is rare.

  • Precisely.

    Wonder if any fracking is occurring nearby?

    • Jason Faulkner

      No. We don’t need to frack here. You can get gas simply by sticking a straw in the ground around these parts.

  • Jason Faulkner

    I was on the 10th floor of the IESS building in a forum marking the one-year anniversary of the Pedernales quake. The speaker was talking about how a 7.4 would level 80% of the buildings in Quito. Then we had to evacuate. Go figure.

  • Al Bollinger

    i swear I felt the earth move at exactly that time here in Panama in Chiriqui, not far from Costa Rica……..Naaaaah…………couldnt be……..I looked around to see if anybody else noticed it…….but no……..just me……so it must be imagined……We had a 5.3 only two km depth here a few weeks ago…..Everybody felt that one……….