Student killed in tour bus accident when his head strikes a pedestrian overpass

Jun 4, 2016 | 32 comments

A 17-year-old Cuenca high school student was killed Friday afternoon when he was knocked from the upper deck of a tour bus. According to transit officers, the student’s head struck a support beam of a pedestrian overpass on the Cuenca-Azogues autopista.

Tour bus near overpass where accident occurred.

Tour bus near overpass where accident occurred. (El Tiempo)

The student, Felipe Calderon Rhodes, was traveling with classmates on an end-of-the-school-year field trip when the accident occurred. Two classmates say Calderon was standing in his seat at the time of the accident.

The tour bus has an open upper deck and, according to a transit officer, several tourists have received minor injuries in recent years when they have stood to take pictures.  Passengers are advised not to stand on the upper deck due to low overpasses, tree branches, and cables. They are also told never to stand in the seats.

According to an officer on the scene, the accident will probably prompt a review of tour bus operations.


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