Study by tram opponents shows low confidence in the system’s usefulness

Jun 17, 2015 | 13 comments

A study by a group opposed to construction of the Tranvía de los Cuatro Rios, Cuenca’s new tram system, say that only 12% of city residents believe that it will help solve the city’s transportation problems.

Tram construction in the historic district

Tram construction in the historic district. Photo credit: El Tiemp

The group says that 40% of respondents say the system will be not help at all, while 24% said it would help some.

The majority of respondents, according to survey takers, also said they did not like the tram’s route and worried that fares would be too high. The city transportation office has said the fare would be the same as that for buses.

Maria Ines Vintimilla, spokeswoman for the group composed mostly of property owners and business owners in the historic district, said the results of the survey will be sent to city officials. “Our hope is that they will use it as they make public policy related to the tram,” she said.

Member of the city council Xavier Barrera said the survey was welcomed even though it was conducted by those opposed to the tram. He said it showed the city needs to step up efforts to inform the public about the project.