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Tame to resume Cuenca-Guayaquil flights

Azuay Province Governor Augusta Muñoz announced Friday that Tame will resume flying its Cuenca-to-Guayaquil route within 60 days.

Tame employees remove fake ¨clausurado¨signs Thursday.

The decision came following protests by city and business officials who claimed the suspension of flights, that began last weekend, would cause irreparable harm to the tourism industry in the city. The industry says that 75% of foreign visitors who enter Ecuador at Guayaquil, fly to Cuenca.

Counting all travelers between the cities, more than 80% travel by bus or van, according to travel industry experts.

Muñoz said that the suspension of flights was a temporary measure to allow the airline to evaluate financial data and business practices and to perform maintenance on aircraft. She added that, based on the evaluation, the resumption of flights may not be permanent.

“Tame must develop strategies and incentives for travelers to make the flights sustainable,” Muñoz said.

Before the governor’s announcement, representatives of the tourism industry gathered Thursday at Mariscal La Mar Airport to protest the flight suspension. They pasted mock “Clausurado” signs on Tame office windows and proposed various methods of applying pressure to the airline.

Tame, which is government-owned, has lost millions of dollars in recent years and is looking for a corporate partner.

  • Pixelvt

    One thing they need to do is schedule the flights better for connections, we choose to hire a driver for that very reason, not to mention reliability and limited baggage space on the smaller planes.

  • Frank Penny

    No, they won’t. Local politicians are paying lip service to local people just to shut them up. No, TAME will not resume the flights to GYE. Get used to taking the shuttles, or fly out of Quito.

  • Donald

    Tame is being treated very unfairly by the media. Many people are saying that the 3 best airlines in the world are Emirates Airlines, Singapore Airlines and Tame.

  • Marlin

    That’s one scary flight over the mountains!

  • Ricki

    This has been happening off and on for the four years we have been here. It is scary going over the Cajas, and near a near death experience. There use to be another airline, but they were not being paid in a timely fashion.

  • Cheryl Pomeroy

    Now I understand why our April 19 flights from Panana City to Guayaquil to Cuenca were changed (without notice) to Panama City to Quito to Cuenca. But I still don’t know why Copa & Tame booked me on a non-existent Tame flight in morning of 20th to Cuenca, leaving me to wait 10 hours in Quito’s airport with 6 bags, until the Tame flight that evening.
    For the last 3 yrs, I’ve used Tame to connect international flights to Cuenca. Each time Tame has canceled, changed once, or changed twice the connection. I’ve had to return the next day, return 10 hours later, and been left taking a mini-van from Quito to Cuenca due to baggage limits.
    Tame has an opportunity to operate like a real airline but I’m not holding my breathe.