Tasting life twice … the starlight and the sleep

Dec 27, 2020

We live to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection.
–Anaїs Nin.

Let this book as it ends
remember the hand that wrote it.
the eyes that slowly
learned its alphabet,
the thumb that peeled back its pages.

The days were marked beforehand:
phases of the moon,
pockmarks of thunderous rain
the maturing birthdays of children.

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And lies, cruel ciphers on paper,
paper that curls and yellows.

Independence Day, a bountiful season,

a lot of numbers to throw away…

What left is there to recount?
Something about a year dying in anguish,
something about starlight and sleep.

Proposal submitted to regulate the “progressive use of force” through a single organic law

Ecuador has penal reforms for police officers and prison guides on the subject and regulations for the military, the application of which is being analyzed by the CC.

The Government is seeking, through a single organic law, to regulate the progressive use of force in all security institutions...

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