Teenage gatherings targeted; Number of ICU patients declines; Qualification process of candidates continues; Survey of cultural tastes is underway

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Miércoles, 14/9/2020

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Taller sobre arte musical vía Zoom (Musical art workshop via Zoom) – The Music Department of the U. of Cuenca has organized a free workshop on psychology and musical art which will focus on managing emotions and enhancing musical skills. The classes which will be via Zoom, are for people over 15 years old and with a relationship to musical arts. Registration starts tomorrow on: http://bit.ly/PiscologiaMusical. (sic)

Con expo reabre Chaguarchimbana (Chaguarchimbana will reopen with an expo) – The show “Gritos inaudibles,” 13 paintings by Santiago Guillermo, opened today a las 10:00 at the Chiguarchimbana historical house (sector Las Herrerías). It will run through 20/11 with hours from 8-14:00, lunes a viernes.

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Titular – La nueva TRI, islusiona (The new TRI is exciting) – See Wednesday’s article in CHL for the story.

Authorities want to reduce the number of teenage gatherings. (El Mercurio)

Prevención llega a los más jovenes (Prevention reaches more youth) – The Consejo de Protección de Derechos de Cuenca (Cuenca Council for Protection of Rights) has asked Dinapen (Policía Especializada para Niños, Niñas y Adolescentes) to control crowds of young people in public spaces and to talk to their parents who are at risk of infection in order to prevent more cases. Even if young people don’t show symptoms, they can still carry the virus back to their homes where they can infect family members. Ministerio de Salud Pública data shows 2.8% of infections are in adolescents between 15 & 19 which would translate to 220 cases in Cuenca.

For the 3d week, Covid cases in Azuay have gone down relative to previous months. A doctor and researcher said that in Azuay, there was a 40% reduction in cases from septiembre which had one of the highest level of contagions. The number of patients in ICU beds has also decreased from an average of 70 to 57 yesterday. The Coordinador Zonal 6 de Salud asked that people keep up preventive measures to prevent a new outbreak in the city.

CNE pide subsanar falencias (CNE asks for correction of deficiencies) – A series of inconsistencies, lack of requirements and non-completion of paperwork has been noted in the current electoral process. <And you’re complaining about the difficulty of visa paperwork. Be glad you’re not trying to run for a political office.> The Junta Provincial Electoral Azuay has accepted the registration of provincial assembly candidates from 7 out of the 18 political organizations that presented applications.

Nationally, the CNE has received applications from 17 presidential tickets, 17 for the Andean parliament, 18 for the national assembly, 38 for legislators for constituencies abroad, and 315 for provincial assemblies. The CNE approved the registrations of the tickets for Pachukutic (Yaku Pérez & Virna Cedeño) and Avanza (Isidro Romero & Sofía Merino). These decisions can be appealed by other political organizations. Once the appeal phase is over, the application can be approved and the candidates will appear on the ballot. Several candidates were not able to present their applications in person as required by law due to being under arrest. These included ex-president Abdalá Bucaram (Fuerza Ecuador, formerly PRE) who is under house arrest; Pablo Romero (Alianza UNES, correista) who was sentenced for kidnapping politician Fernando Balda; Daniel Salcedo (Fuerza Fe) in preventive prison for his role in the medical equipment sales corruption case; and Karina Areaga (Podemos) under house arrest for alleged collection of “pay to play.”

Encuesta sobre el hábito de leer (Survey on the habit of reading) – For the first time, the Ministerio de Cultura is conducting a survey on the habits and consumption of cultural services in Ecuador. With this research, the country will have data on the habit of reading and the number of people who use streaming services such as Netflix or Spotify. The 4 month survey will start on 15/11 and 15,492 houses will be visited. 25% of the surveys will be done in rural areas and the rest in urban areas with a special emphasis on provincial capitols. The first results will be shared in marzo.

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