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The coronavirus is another reminder that evolution always wins in the end

Reading yesterday’s post in CuencaHighLife in which Harvard epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch advises that 40% to 70% of the world’s population will contract the coronavirus confirmed my initial suspicion.

I had the sense with the early reports that the media was downplaying the severity of this epidemic, working to avoid a panic. As it is, it appears that people are panicking nonetheless. Dr. Lipsitch at least confirms that a wave of deep concern is warranted. I find it fascinating that this virus appears to target the aged, and especially those with respiratory problems. Thus far there is little indication that children are susceptible. Hence my first reflection that this virus appears to be in full alignment with the evolutionary thrust to take out the old guard, making room for the new one.

Always a big fan of evolution, I sensed right away, like I did on 9/11, that there is more to this story then first appears. I will not digress with conspiracy theories, but only want to point toward the very real possibility that in the next decade, via a variety of causes, our world’s population will be decimated. Though Lipsitch says that this pandemic will not be enough to bring our civilization to its knees, I would offer that the series of events in the coming years will do exactly that.

And might I add that it’s about time. In my opinion, our very unconscious civilization has done many, many very bad things that require a response from Mother Earth. And this, again, is simply evolution playing its hand. Just as our ancestors, homo erectus, met their evolutionary end, the current species, homo sapiens, has likewise met its match. Evolution always wins.

Peace amid chaos at the Oasis.

So the point is this: as you anticipate your inevitable end as a human being, can you do so with grace and dignity? Or will you go out kicking and screaming.

Those of us of the Baby Boomer generation are facing our extermination, and perhaps a little ahead of a “normal” schedule. Most of us mistakenly expect to outlive our life expectancy (late 60’s for those of us born 1945-1955). Now at 67 myself, I imagine that I will outlast the average. In fact actuarial tables would show that for me today, rather healthy, I should expect to live another 16.5 years. Now, with my Conscious Living awareness I want to fully enjoy each and every day of this “bonus time.” And I want, in alignment with Conscious Dying, to welcome my eventual end. I have all of my ducks in a row, even just today preparing my burial site. My plan is to greet this site, right outside my stone hermitage door, each morning and enjoy another day in paradise.

For those not ready to welcome death, there are surely ways to insure your survival in the upcoming years. If you are an expat living in Cuenca, for example, you have increased your chances for longevity greatly. This area is one of the very safest places on earth. The key to surviving the coronavirus threat is to limit your travel as well as your contact with those who have traveled to disease “hot spots” around the globe.

I enjoy the luxury of living in total isolation, away from the city, with a support system that can bring the necessities of life to my door. This may be something that you create for yourself, a way to quarantine yourself from the outside world. These are exciting times, no doubt, and surviving the next decade will be our biggest challenge.

But, in the end, death will prevail. And, as I asked earlier, is it possible for you to embrace this inevitability with grace and dignity? If this is your choice our Conscious Living and Conscious Dying program can assist you in a variety of ways.

Louis Bourgeois lives outside of Cuenca with his wife and baby. He teaches courses in Conscious Living and Conscious Dying and operates Oasis, an eco-resort and study center. He can be contacted at

5 thoughts on “The coronavirus is another reminder that evolution always wins in the end

  1. Enjoyed your commentary. I like you live about an hour and a half outside of Cuenca in the middle of no place at the end of a dead end road with my wife. I turn 66 in a couple of weeks and have had more fun than the law allows in my life so no complaints. As an automation engineer I was one of the guys that helped turn all responsibility over to computers and automation. I see the issue as not so much evolution as cause and effect. As a species I think humans have risen to our level of incompetence, also known as the “Peter Principle.” We have written checks that our keesters can’t cash. My goal is to hang on as long as I can and see how this dark comedy plays out. As you say the final act is predetermined and already written I just want to see how we get there.

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