Expat Life

The faces of Independence Day

By Robert Bradley

The air is speckled with puffs of gunpowder from the firecrackers.

The breeze is warm like the best day of spring.

Cuenca sparkles.

Independence Day.

Robert Bradley

Robert Bradley

Robert Bradley is a former restaurateur and Manager of multiple Meals on Wheels sites in Portland, OR. He has long experience in public service and community relations. He moved to Cuenca in February ’17.

  • Katheryn

    Great photos that pick up the feelings and mood. Such happy children!

  • StillWatching

    More great stuff, Robert. I see such beautiful innocence in the faces of the young children and such experience and wisdom and sometimes pain in the faces of the elderly. Never bitterness in either, but reflections of hard lives in the elderly. Strangely, your photos never leave me with the desire to see pictures of the middle class including the mimada majaderos they have spawned.

  • Bev Anne

    Great portraits!