The gift

Dec 14, 2017 | 4 comments

Change is inevitable, that’s for sure. I think it’s how it is dealt with that’s the issue at stake. I’m afraid that I often do what I set out not to do. As the years have passed, I find I have to be more vigilant of certain responses I have to change. It’s a very powerful force that isn’t going to be denied its voice. Sometimes, change is happy and sometimes it’s sad. Change can be scary or reassuring. It wears every emotion on its face. When change arrives as the unexpected, its cloak can be dark and sinister or as if a fresh breeze came up and caressed your cheek.

So, even though I pulled up stakes and moved to Ecuador almost two years ago, that sure doesn’t mean that I’ve conquered all the challenges that change and the unexpected serve up. But, I will tell you this, Ecuador has been a good tempering agent for me. It’s not the time I’ve been here but the experiences that have created some new insights.

Edie and I went the other night to photograph a wonderful annual event, the lighting of the luces at plazoleta Santo Domingo. We really enjoyed the photographs we made last year and were ready to repeat our great experience. Alas, all was different decoration-wise and there were throngs of people, three times as many as the previous year. Disappointment based on change or expectation wasn’t a part of our thoughts. We just joined friends in the crowd for some catching up and good laughs. After some street food, we headed home and made a pan of brownies while listening to some music.

As I rested at our table with the nuances of chocolate lingering on my palette, I laughed out loud at the simplicity of my thoughts, my ideas, my solutions to bits and pieces of life that pass by. I’ll leave you to your own ideas but for me, suffice it to say that I have more expectations of myself than ever. And, I’m working, and it is work to receive the winds of change as a caress to my cheek. Ecuador is always teaching me whether I am a willing or unruly student, that’s part of her beauty. I’ve been humbled by this special and unexpected gift the culture here provides, and it’s an ongoing process.

Here’s that photograph I made last year at plazoleta Santo Domingo to accompany my personal reflections. I wanted to share the gift of my experience there with you again. I wish all of you wonderful holidays with a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Brian Buckner

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