The joy of small gifts

May 23, 2021 | 1 comment

Honeymoon Photo

Dear Diary,

I was running errands downtown the other morning and decided that a brief break from the drizzly weather was in order, so I took a seat at one of my regular haunts, Le Bistro, in the Seminary courtyard; it is always a fun place for people-watching while sipping a well-made cafe au lait.

Shortly after my coffee arrived, two long-time gringo residents, Jerry Ramos and James Mola, took a table close to mine and began a serious and animated discussion. I was quite curious, but try as I might, any attempt to eavesdrop was thwarted; there was simply too much laughter springing from children running around the plaza playing catch me games.

Ramos glanced up and noticed what appeared to be newlyweds trying to record their vacation. He excused himself from the table, approached the couple, and offered his assistance. He then used their cell phone to photograph them embracing with the cathedral domes glistening in the background. This simple act of kindness lasted but a moment but his action will long be remembered for his thoughtfulness — and the photograph of a youthful love that will mature for the rest of their lives.

I walked past the old cathedral the other day and noticed a couple from the campo selling handmade wooden toys in the side courtyard. They had arranged their toys as if a small circus was performing on the table. When they saw me they waved and smiled.

Buying a toy

I asked if I could take a few pics of their work and was surprised at how thrilled they were to have their workmanship recognized as being special.  They were so proud. They held every piece one by one and showed me just how each danced, or climbed, or sat at peace among the rest. I knew they were for sale, but neither of them attempted to persuade me — it seemed enough that we were all enjoying the antics of their creations — but I had other intentions. I now have a new icon perched on my desk.

When I am writing, but at a loss for words, I grind my so-called toy for a while — the wheel of the great Diablo Huma, The Indefatigable Dancer, whirling to a song that lifts him above the gravity of earth and knits together everything that is required for a fruitful and complementation life.

A girl’s birthday present

I was wandering among the street vendors fronting shops burrowed around Mercado 10 de Agosto when I saw a young girl walk out of a small agricultural supply store with her parents. She was absolutely beaming with happiness, gratitude, and newfound love.

I imagine it was her birthday, or another special day meant just for her…and her new friend.

She couldn’t have been happier and allowed me a snapshot of her joy.

Robert Bradley

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