The world is heading for cataclysmic change; You have a decade to prepare for it

Apr 20, 2023 | 47 comments

I predicted in early 2019 that by the end of that year “the event” would begin. This event, as described to me by another who possesses a similar ability to see outside the box, would last 12-13 years and would see a radical transformation in our world. I took this information to heart, and I shared with those few I know who have “ears to hear.” I am optimistic that this group is growing, so I feel compelled to share an update. What began with Covid, aided by lockdowns and travel restrictions, furthered by vaccines and mandates, was an “agenda.” First this agenda was named “Agenda 21,” and now has evolved into “Agenda 2030.”

Whatever your beliefs about the individuals and agencies behind this agenda, one thing is very clear. More than anytime in our past history you are being offered a clear choice. How you want to live in the coming decade (my vision for “the event” is that it will end in late 2032) and how you choose to die will appear to take on one of two extremes. The first extreme is represented by the “15 Minute City.” This is the model for what Agenda 2030 and the World Economic Forum unabashedly forecast by the phrase: “you will own nothing and you will be happy.” I will leave it to you to do your own research if this agenda and the plan to carry it out is not clear to you.

What I choose to talk about is the other extreme, represented by my teaching and my teaching center and eco resort. As of early 2019 I have been living in such a way as to significantly reduce, if not eliminate entirely, the effects of Covid, lockdowns, mandates and restrictions. It has always been my calling to be a teacher. 50 years of study and experience have manifested as my Conscious Living and Conscious Dying program. I will begin soon to offer one-day intensives and invite those interested to participate in a 3-month internship, where you can learn all that is necessary to live a life in balance with nature and our evolving world.

One of the many influences in my years of study and practice was Eckhart Tolle and his first book, The Power of Now, published in 1999. In this masterpiece Tolle described god as “the unmanifested,” and this was fitting finale to my 25-year devotion to A Course in Miracles. It became crystal clear to me that my happiness was directly connected to my function, that being to serve as a conduit through which this unmanifested might manifest in my world. So the foundation of my Conscious Living philosophy was built on the “new earth” principle of our lives being dominated by acceptance, appreciation (gratitude), and enthusiasm. Creativity would become the anchor to a life devoted to a new earth and Conscious Living.

It is my understanding that our world will be transformed by the year 2032. Essentially the population of the world will be divided into two “camps.” One camp will be those enslaved in these 15-Minute Cities, their lives under total control by those who have accomplished Agenda 2030. The other camp will be comprised of those who have chosen to transform and be a part of this evolving new earth. We will survive and thrive outside the reach and control of those who would otherwise dominate the world.

For those interested in exploring the possibility of being “whole, happy and free”, my email address is provided below.

Louis Bourgeois lives outside of Cuenca with his wife and young daughter. He teaches courses in Conscious Living and Conscious Dying. He can be contacted at

Louis Bourgeois

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