Thursday’s anti-tax protest is mostly peaceful

Apr 8, 2016 | 1 comment

chl protest march

Anti-tax protesters on Calle Bolivar. Credit: El Tiempo

Several hundred protesters opposed to new government taxes marched up Simon Bolivar Thursday afternoon, gathering for speeches on the south side of Parque Calderon. A strong thunderstorm moved through the area about 6, dispersing some of the crowd.

A separate, pro-government demonstration was held on the north side of the park. More than 250 police kept participants from the two groups apart.

The anti-government protest was mostly peaceful although firemen were called to put out small fires on Simon Bolivar and in Calderon. Police refused to allow the group to march east on Sucre, resulting in pushing and shoving and several fist fights. One protester was arrested.

Many protesters carried “No more taxes” signs but other signs demanded the resignation of Ecuador Attorney General Galo Chiriboga and the immediate ouster of President Rafael Correa. Several protesters carried signs demanding more government funding for the country’s Social Security system.

Police estimated the anti-government marches at 300 while the pro-government side had about 150.


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