Tuesday is the big day! Please give generously to support Children’s dreams in Cuenca

Nov 28, 2021 | 0 comments

By Leita Hulmes

Hi, this is Leita again, a volunteer with Hearts of Gold. I told you back in September about Hearts of Gold’s “All Children Deserve to Dream” program.  So why is Tuesday the BIG DAY?  Global Giving sponsors Giving Tuesday – and that is Tuesday, November 30. Any donation (up to $2500) made to the Hearts of Gold’s Dream program will be matched by Global Giving! This is a world-wide matching program, so donate early before the $1,000,000 runs out!

A young university student named Camila has written several stories about how the program works and specifically about the different dreams of some of Cuenca’s children.

A coloring book for a little girl with no toys, dolls or games because her family can barely afford food. (Hearts and The Cuenca Soup Kitchen have provided food for 165 families during the pandemic).

In one story she said: “All of us at some point in our lives have known of a case of children, adolescents or young people in vulnerable conditions, but rarely do we stop to help them effectively, always thinking that this is someone else’s responsibility.  A hand outstretched at the right time can be the only opportunity to achieve a change and transformation in the lives of others, who otherwise could hardly achieve it.

“Several psychological studies show that children see their dreams as goals, and the moment they set goals and achieve them, they raise their self-esteem. This leads to an improvement in all aspects of an individual’s life, from physical to emotional health and even when they reach adulthood, to good professional development.”

The latest story was about a very young “fairy godmother” – 12-year-old Paola and how she helped a teenaged boy named Luis Miguel to obtain a computer so he can achieve his dream of continuing his education. I was there at Hearts of Gold’s offices when they blindfolded him and led him in to a room with balloons and a computer. You cannot imagine the stunned look on his face, and then the joy.

Alejandra receiving her new computer.

And, as Camila said: “I personally really like this story because after the delivery I talked to Paola, and the way she sees things now has changed drastically! Now she is much more grateful for what she has and is committed to continue helping the most vulnerable.”

And this from our Executive Director, Maria Jose: “We have had the chance to interview them for our ALL CHILDREN DESERVE TO DREAM PROJECT and we are happy to see that their dreams are still there; they dream of having a bicycle, they dream of being able to have a full dinner for their family on their tables, to have enough medicine for a little sister so she won’t have seizures. Another boy dreams of having a computer to finish high school and attend university.

“This is just a few of a long list of dreams, so this Giving Tuesday we ask for your support.  Please give our young ones a chance to smile and learn another lesson this time, YOUR DREAMS CAN COME TRUE AS LONG AS YOU WORK HARD FOR THEM.

“We make sure these kids are attending school, have good grades and are good members in society.”

So please dig deep, my generous friends, and help provide the funds for another child to realize a dream. Then you, too, can feel the joy of having a heart of gold. To donate, please click here.


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