Tram card sales expand; Some church services authorized; Commercial spaces at airport, bus station need tenants; Rio Coca erosion studied

Sep 8, 2020

Lunes, 7/9/2020

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Erosion at Rio Coca will be studied.

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Titular: Pocas ventas en rutas y teminal (Few sales on routes and in terminal) – The 196 commercial spaces inside the Terminal Terrestre and the 22 in the airport are looking for a total reactivation, especially once the state of emergency is over. Rents at the Terminal Terrestre might be reduced to help the businesses which are selling almost nothing. At the airport, the offices for Aeroregional and Tame are closed as is the República de Cacao concession. “La Galeria” is still open, but the manager said the store needs more flights than just Latam. It is anticipated that Avianca will get permission to fly the Cuenca-Quito route in enero, 2021, and Ecuatoriana Arilines is going through the process to fly to and from Cuenca to Guayaquil, Manta and Salinas.

Otras cosas –

Tranvía, los costos según tiempo de uso de la tarjeta (Tram, costs according to time of use of the card): 2,015 Movilízate cards for the tram have been delivered to the city of Cuenca. They normally cost $1.75, but are free if you buy 5 fares for a total of $1.50. These fares must be used within 15 days. Othrwise the fare will be $.35 or $1.00 with a ticket. To reduce waiting times for purchasing cards, the city will open the window to buy cards at the airport on domingos.

Alta inversión para controlar las erosiones (High investment to control erosion): About $20 million has been budgeted for studies, designs, and emergency work to solve the regressive erosion along the Río Coca. The erosion has closed roads and threatens the Coca Codo Sinclair hydro electric plant.

Cincuenta y cuatro parroquias de la Arquidiócesis de Cuenca autorizadas para celebrar con feligreses (54 parishes in the Archdiocese of Cuenca authorized to celebrate with congregation): Churches will be allowed to serve mass with biosecurity measures. Hours will need to respect the curfew, there are no salvoconductos for religious reasons, vulnerable groups can not attend, you can pray in the church for a maximum of 15 minutes, masks and observance of the biosecurity measures of each church are required, 30% capacity with social distancing, confessions will not be in the confessionals or closed rooms. Weddings, baptisms and funerals will be with a maximum of 25 people and last a maximum of 30 min.

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