Tram opponents demand investigation of project contracts

Nov 3, 2014 | 0 comments

A delegation calling itself the Cuenca Civic Collective is asking the country’s comptroller general to investigate the financial arrangements of the city’s light rail system, Tranvía de los Cuatro Rios.

Collective members are demanding that the investigation begin immediately since construction is already underway. The group presented a number of documents, including articles in European newspapers, to the comptroller.

The collective admits that it’s intention is to stop construction.

“We have every right to ask for an investigation since we are the taxpayers funding the project,” said Collective member Armando Sacta. “We demand to know the truth about the project.” He added that he believes there is strong evidence of corruption surrounding project contracts.

Opponents to the tram have draped signs across Calles Mariscal La Mar and Gran Colombia, demanding that Mayor Marcelo Cabrera honor campaign promises to stop tram construction. Cabrera has said that he had questions about the project, started by Mayor Paúl Granda, who Cabrera defeated in a February election. “I am now getting answers to those questions but I never said I would stop the project,” he said.

Cabrera’s recent announcement of support for President Rafael Correa, a champion of the tram, means that the project is almost certain to continue. Officials in the city’s transportation office say that the time to file complaints about the project was two or three years ago. “The train has left the station,” said one official who asked not to be identified.




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